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Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks Review

Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks ReviewWearing shoes and socks frequently can put you at risk of toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. What’s more perfect than a sweaty sock? Thankfully, products like the Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks make it easy to be comfortable, look good, and fight back against foot fungus.

These socks are designed to resist bacteria and fungus. They also won’t hold in moisture like traditional socks. So, not only are they more convenient, but they can help to protect your feet and nails from fungal infections. They also work against different types of nasty bacteria that could lead to other types of infection.

Socks may not seem like a big deal when you’re considering how to treat and prevent toenail fungus. Unfortunately, ignoring your socks could be a big part of why you keep getting toenail fungus in the first place. Choosing the right socks is vital, especially for people who are prone to sweaty and stinky feet.

The Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks are supposed to help keep your feet dry and fight infection. But, are they the right solution for someone who regularly deals with sweaty feet and toenail fungus? Are they really worth it to keep your feet healthier?

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Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks Review

This review will cover how well the Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks work. Some people with sweaty feet have to change out their socks several times a day to cut their chances of trapping moisture underneath their nails. These crew socks are designed to keep your feet dry without changing them. They can also help to prevent toenail fungus thanks to the materials that are used.

We’ll talk about that special material, and what you can expect by regularly wearing these socks. If you’re tired of toenail fungus that keeps coming back or you’re having a hard time getting rid of it, these socks could be a great ‘extra’ solution.

Keep reading to find out how they can work for you.

What Materials Are used?

Perhaps the most important feature of these socks is the material. Here’s a breakdown of what’s used:

  • 75% Polypropylene drystat
  • 10% Acrylic microsupreme
  • 10% Elastan lycra
  • 10% Polyamide nylon

All these materials work together to keep your feet dry and fight against toe fungus. The most important material, though, is the polypropylene drystat. It’s infused with silver ions. The polypropylene is a natural moisture-wicking material. If your feet get sweaty, this material will keep moisture from ‘sticking’ to your socks and making them feel soggy.

The silver ions help to resist bacteria and fungal spores. So, you’re getting two huge benefits against fungus when you wear these socks. First, you’re making it harder for bacteria and fungus to form and grow. Second, you’re creating a harsher environment for fungus. Unlike cotton socks, moisture won’t get trapped inside and stay on your feet. So, you don’t have to worry about changing your socks every few hours out of discomfort.

The silver drystat also helps to fight against foul odors. It’s no secret that sweaty feet don’t smell good. Because nothing gets trapped inside, there are fewer bad smells to worry about when wearing these socks.

Can They Get Rid of Toenail Fungus?

These socks are meant to be used along with an antifungal treatment.

If you already have toenail fungus, wearing regular cotton socks every day could make it worse. While the Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks won’t get rid of toenail fungus on their own, they can help a great deal. First, they provide an environment where fungus doesn’t like to grow. By wicking away moisture, it’s harder for fungal spores to spread to other areas.

Second, the silver in the fabric does contain antifungal properties. This makes it even more difficult for fungus to thrive when you’re wearing these socks.

If you do have toenail fungus, you should be using a topical ingredient, soak, or even an oral antifungal medication to get rid of it. But, if you’re trying to get rid of the infection faster, these socks can help.

Do They Work for Everyone?

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of these socks. They come in men and women’s sizes, small through extra -large. The extra-large is only available for men, sizes 11-14. They are stretchy socks, so you may want to consider buying a size smaller than you usually would.

As far as who should use these socks, there is no limit. Whether you’re an athlete, someone on your feet all day, or someone who is looking for great performance socks, these can work for you.

But, they may be extra helpful for anyone who is either prone to toenail fungus or anyone with sweaty feet. They can help to prevent a fungal infection from recurring. They are unlike traditional cotton socks that trap moisture inside and have no antifungal properties.

What Are the Extra Features?

These socks do so much more than just wick away moisture. Toenail fungus has a variety of different symptoms. Some people may even feel irritation or pain if they have a severe infection. Some of the extra features of these socks can help to make you feel more comfortable. Even if you don’t have a fungal infection, the benefits can improve the general health of your feet.

Some of these features include:

  • Temperature regulation – Not only do these socks wick away moisture, they’ll but keep your feet cool, too. Feet that sweat a lot can cause problems, but they are also uncomfortable! The Vitalsox keep your feet at a constant comfortable temperature.
  • Environmentally friendly – You can feel good about wearing these socks. They are made from recyclable materials with no harsh chemicals. They also don’t contain any toxic dyes.
  • Compression – These are compression socks, so they are ideal for people who are active. They can help to boost the circulation in your feet, which can, in turn, make them healthier. That can help your toenails fight off fungus. It’s also a great option for people with poor circulation, like diabetics.
  • Arch & Ankle support – The compression factor of the socks also provides extra support where your feet might need it most. They are also designed not to ‘fall’ or roll down your ankle and bunch up.

Most people probably don’t think much about how their socks can affect the health of their feet. These performance socks do that for you. Not only will they keep your feet dry, but they’ll help you fight off toenail fungus that won’t seem to go away otherwise.

Are They Easy to Take Care Of?

The socks are pre-washed in a chemical-free softener before they are shipped to you. But, you don’t need to do anything extra to care for them. Wash them and dry them as you would any other pair of socks! The silver won’t ‘wear out’ over time, and they are made to last for even the most active people.

You’ll want to keep a few pairs of these socks on hand at all time. If you’re prone to sweaty feet or toenail fungus, they’ll undoubtedly become your new favorite footwear.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

These are some of the best socks you can buy for toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. That includes people who don’t want to deal with sweaty socks and feet anymore. But, are they that perfect? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons so that you can make a more informed decision.


  • Materials meant to wick away moisture
  • Keeps away odors
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Helps toenail fungus from spreading and growing
  • Fights against different types of bacteria
  • Good for men and women


  • May need to order a smaller size than what you’re used to
  • More expensive than most cotton socks

Though these socks can be a bit pricier than a standard pair, the value is beyond worth it for people who deal with toenail fungus. Other than that, there aren’t many cons to consider. These are great socks for getting rid of moisture, odor, and fighting bacteria.

Should I Buy Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks?

If you’re tired of changing your socks midway through the day because they’re drenched in sweat, these socks are a great option. They can also help to keep toenail fungus from growing and spreading. If you’re prone to fungal infections, these can be strong preventative options.

They are perfect socks for athletes or people who have to be on their feet all day long. But, there is no ‘ideal’ candidate for the Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks. Taking advantage of the technology weaved into these socks can help you from dealing with some of the worst symptoms of toenail fungus.

They can keep your feet comfortable and dry all day long. While you should use another type of antifungal medication along with these socks, you can wear them on their own to keep a fungus from coming back as strong.

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Our Verdict

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