How to Treat a Toenail Fungal Infection During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyful time, but dealing with a fungal nail infection (as well as the other health issues) is a nightmare. There are things that you can and cannot do, but you need to know how to treat toenail fungal infection during pregnancy effectively.

People with weakened immune systems, or those that have poor circulation to their feet, are more likely to get an infection.

You probably had an infection long before you got pregnant, and you are just now noticing some signs of toenail fungus. The fungus lives under the nail bed and doesn’t show any sign until it’s serious enough to do some damage.

You can treat the fungus while you’re pregnant or nursing, though, but you have to be more careful. You should always talk to your doctor or OBGYN before using anything that isn’t natural. But, there are a lot of ways that you can treat toenail fungus safely.

In this article, we will talk a little about nail fungus and the common symptoms. We will also talk about the treatments that you can use to help the infection go away faster.

Treating Toenail Fungal Infection during Pregnancy

Toenail fungus, or Onychomycosis, as it is also known in the medical field, is highly contagious. It thrives in warm, moist conditions, such as any public area where there is water. Also, if you get pedicures, you could have got to when at a nail salon. If they don’t disinfect their equipment, the fungus can easily be transferred from person to person.

It takes a while for the fungus to grow enough in the nail bed to start to do damage to the nail. It also takes a while for any treatment to kill the fungus entirely. This is why a lot of people say that treatments don’t work for them – they think it should only take a few weeks to work, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. However, a milder case of toenail fungus can be cleared up more quickly.

It takes anywhere from a few months to a year to be able to kill the fungus completely. Depending on the type of treatment that you use, though, you may be able to see improvements to your nail within a few weeks.

You may have heard of some prescription medicines that are sometimes given, but these are not suitable for pregnant or nursing women. These prescription meds have bad side effects, including liver damage. There are topical prescriptions, though, so you may want to talk to your OBGYN.

Prescription treatments contain powerful ingredients that can travel through your bloodstream. Right now, you don’t want to put anything into your system that could harm the baby.

There are natural treatments that you can use that will safely kill the fungus. There are foot soaks, oils, creams, and nail polishes.

Natural Ways to Treat Toenail Fungus in Pregnancy

Tea Tree Oil

One of the best ways to treat a toenail fungal infection during pregnancy is with tea tree oil. It is effective at killing fungus, and it is safe to use. It has strong antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, which help the nail to heal.

Since it is potent, tea tree oil should be diluted with another carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. These are also essential oils, meaning that they won’t dilute the healing properties.

It is also easy to use. Just put some on a cotton ball and put it on your toenail. Do this twice a day. After you apply it, make sure to let it air dry completely. One of the best options is Australian tea tree oil, which has some superb reviews.

Foot Soaks

Foot soaks can do more than just treat and kill the fungus. They can also provide relaxation for sore, achy feet. When you are pregnant, your feet are probably aching more often. Using a medicated foot soak, such as Rocky Mountain Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Foot Soak, will allow your body to relax, while effectively healing the infection.

Check out the customer reviews on Amazon for additional information.

Vicks Vaporub

It may sound like an old wives’ tale, but Vicks Vaporub has been tested in many clinical trials. It does help to kill toenail fungus.

All that you have to do for it to work is to rub it on the nail a few times a day. The ingredients in it will kill off nail fungus quickly and effectively, and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Toenail Fungal Infection During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Increases the Risk of Toenail Fungus

When you’re pregnant, your immune system changes, mainly to keep the unborn baby well protected. Some women also get diabetes during their pregnancy, and this results in hyperglycemia. When you have this, any fungus or bacteria will grow quickly, causing an infection.

The stress levels that you are under right now also contribute to fungal growth. When your body is under a lot of stress, many things can happen to it.  During pregnancy, you are dealing with two types of stresses. Your body is under physical stress, as everything is moving and making way for the growing baby. Also, you may be stressed mentally, thinking of the days ahead.

Pregnant women also tend to sweat more than usual. When your feet are in shoes and socks, and you are sweating a lot, the fungus has a chance to thrive. Wearing shoes as little as possible will help, as will deodorizing your shoes.

When you are pregnant, you are already dealing with a lot of health concerns. A toenail fungal infection during pregnancy isn’t pleasant, but as long as you treat it, it probably won’t get any worse. Don’t leave it left untreated because it can get swollen and painful.  After the baby comes, you can talk to your doctor about other ways to treat it. Right now, we’d recommend a tea tree oil foot soak as it works really well.