Foot Ailments

How to Heal Sore Feet from Standing Up at Work All Day

If you have a job that requires you to stand up all day, it’s probably no surprise that your feet are aching by the time you get home.

Foot pain due to standing all day isn’t uncommon. Thankfully, there are ways you can relax your feet after work. The techniques, products, and practices will offer several solutions on how to get rid of foot pain and feel more relaxed.

Sometimes we can’t control our surroundings or the hours we work. If you have sore feet after a 12- hour shift, finding relief is important before you go to work again. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for even more pain, and even certain foot conditions.

It also depends on your work environment. For example, sore feet from standing on concrete all day is more likely than aching muscles from standing on a soft, cushion-like carpet. You know your feet and how they feel better than anyone. If they are aching, even the slightest bit, taking action right away to find relief is necessary.

Is It Important to Take Care of Foot Pain?

You may think that you can simply ‘deal’ with aches and pains at the end of the day in your feet. However, ignoring this pain for too long can eventually lead to bigger problems. Not only are you not giving your feet a chance to rest, but you could be putting yourself at risk for potential foot conditions.

Some of the most common include:

While these issues can all be caused by different reasons, they have one thing in common: They are all linked to foot pain. Blisters, calluses, and bunions can all be caused by shoes that don’t fit properly. Or, friction from your feet rubbing against those shoes without any added support.

Toenail fungus can also be caused by poorly-fitting shoes. When moisture gets trapped in a shoe, it creates the perfect environment for a fungal infection to grow and spread.

If you have a more serious medical condition, like diabetes, taking proper care of your feet becomes even more important. You may not necessarily feel the soreness every day because diabetics often have poor foot circulation. But, it doesn’t make you immune from the conditions listed above.

Use some of the suggestions below to take better care of your feet after a long day on the job. Not only will your muscles feel better and more relaxed, but you’ll be lowering your risk for harmful foot problems in the process.

Add More Support to Your Shoes

If standing all day makes your feet ache, it could be because you’re not getting enough support. This can become especially apparent if you’re constantly standing on hard surfaces. It’s important to start out with the right shoes. But, you can also boost the comforting power of your current shoes with the right insoles.

Not all shoe inserts are created equally. Some go flat over time or quickly deteriorate. Inserts like the Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles are specifically designed for people who are on their feet all day long. They are meant to last through the lifespan of a pair of shoes.

Whether you choose the Superfeet insoles or another pair, look for ones that have a durable design and can stand the test of time. They should provide comfort and safety. The right insoles can help to alleviate pain from the feet, ankles, knees, and even the hips.

Of course, insoles will only help so much if you’re not wearing the right shoes. One of the biggest mistakes people make is wearing shoes that are too small. It might not seem like a big deal if you’re not standing all day.

But for those who do, tight shoes can cause big problems. If your shoes are too snug, try a shoe stretching stretching liquid to create a ‘custom’ fit. Even a little extra wiggle room can add a significant amount of comfort.

Enjoy a Foot Massage

A foot massage doesn’t have to be an infrequent treat. In fact, by investing in an electric foot massager, you can ‘indulge’ in this type of soothing treatment every day. A quality foot massager can not only help to heal sore feet, but it’s great for alleviating stress. It can also boost your energy, which may be needed after a long shift at work.

Massagers use reflexology to help soothe foot pain. This type of therapy utilizing pushing, kneading, stretching and twisting to work out the muscles of your feet.

Some massagers are even great for people who suffer from poor circulation, such as the Revitive Circulation Booster. They can boost the circulation throughout your legs to encourage more blood flow. That helps to improve comfort and function in the lower body. This is especially important for people who suffer from circulatory conditions, or diabetes.

When looking for the right massager, consider your specific needs. Some massagers even focus on the calves and ankles, if you’re feeling sore in other areas. While many come with extra features, a quality massage machine that is able to soothe your feet each day is a strong investment in itself.

If you don’t want to invest in an electric foot massager, you can still enjoy the benefits of reflexology. Give yourself a massage with your hands. Or, roll your foot back and forth over a tennis ball. It may be a bit of extra work, but it can loosen your muscles and alleviate tension in the bottom of your foot.

Practice Some Stretching Techniques

Athletes know how important it is to do the right kind of stretching before and after a workout. But, stretching isn’t only necessary for strenuous physical activity. The right kind of stretches can help you to find relief from aching muscles after standing on your feet for hours.

Try a few calf raises periodically to improve blood flow. Blood tends to ‘pool’ when we stand in one spot for too long, which can cause pain. Raising up onto your toes and stretching out your calves can be done several times an hour. Or, utilize the ‘runner’s stretch.’ You don’t need to be an athlete to reap the benefits. To perform this stretch correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Stand up straight on the edge of a step and contract your abdominal muscles.
  2. Hang your heels over the edge of the step, making sure your feet are secure.
  3. Raise your heels slightly so you’re standing on your toes.
  4. Hold for three seconds, then lower.
  5. Repeat this action 10-15 times.

These stretches only take a few minutes. When completed several times a day, they can make a noticeable difference in how your feet feel after hours of standing.

Enjoy a Foot Spa at Home

Foot baths aren’t just designed to be luxurious and pampering. They actually have health benefits. The use of warm water can help to soothe aching feet quickly. But, that’s just the beginning for most at-home foot spas.

Many foot spas you can use at home have additional features. This includes everything from effervescent bubbles to massage heads. Some even keep water warm for long periods of time, so you can enjoy a long soak to heal your foot and ankle pain.

Footbaths are also a great canvas for adding other healing ingredients. People tend to add everything from Epsom salts to essential oils to their spas, depending on their needs. Certain essential oils, like peppermint, can help you to feel rejuvenated and offer more energy. Others, like lavender, can offer a relaxing sensation.

Once you start using a foot spa regularly, you’ll be able to determine how often it’s needed to provide regular comfort. Some people use it only a few times a week to prevent their feet and toes from cramping up. Others need it nearly every other day to have consistent relief. Depending on how much time you spend on your feet, you may need to use it more.

Feet aching after a day at work

Taking Care of Your Overall Foot Health

The best thing you can do for your feet is to give them the attention they deserve. It’s easy for us to ‘forget’ about the health of our feet until they start causing pain or we notice some type of condition. It’s much easier to take preventative measures against aching feet than to deal with more serious problems later on.

The suggestions listed above are designed to help you find relief from foot pain after a long day of work. For some, something as simple as icing their aching muscles or elevating their feet can help. But, after hours on your feet, you may require extra help.

Many foot problems can be taken care of with a daily foot care routine. Add some type of foot health regimen to your day, and you’ll likely notice a difference in how your feet feel after a long shift at work.