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10 REALLY Easy Ways to Get Pretty Toenails without Polish

Nail polish is a great way to give your nails a manicured look. Many people swear by it and use different colors to make their toenails look pretty. But toenail polish isn’t always good for the health of your nails. On top of that, the natural look is becoming more popular than ever. So, is it possible to have pretty toenails without polish? Absolutely.

The bare toenails trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, if you’re used to having manicured and polished nails, you might need to know how to keep your nails looking great without covering them up. If you want to jump on board with the no nail polish trend, it may be easier than you think.

Taking care of your nails is essential. We tend to ignore our toenails until there’s a problem or concern. It’s easy to cover them up with polish to ‘look good’ and then forget about them. But, by keeping your toenails natural, you’ll have healthy nails without polish.

If you’re concerned about how your nails look, don’t worry. You don’t have to paint your toenails to wear sandals. You don’t have to keep them painted to look good.

Bare Nails vs. Painted Nails

If you’re not used to walking around with bare toenails, it’s easy! Letting the natural beauty of your nails come through is a popular option in the world of beauty and fashion. It’s also better for toenail health. But, if you’re still concerned with making sure your nails look great, there are a few steps to take.

Are bare nails better? In many ways, yes. When you continuously keep your toenails painted, you could be doing more harm than good. First, you’re putting yourself at risk for a fungal infection. A fungus occurs when moisture gets trapped underneath the nail. When you have them polished, it’s easier for that to happen.

Bare nails have a chance to breathe. It’s much harder for moisture to get stuck underneath an unpolished nail, so it’s less likely fungus will happen. Additionally, certain polishes contain ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction or staining of the nail itself. Thankfully, having pretty nails without polish is possible.

How to Get Pretty Toenails without Polish

Let’s check out a few tips you can use to keep your nails looking flawless without polish.

1) Keep Nails Trimmed

Believe it or not, you can get a manicure without nail polish. You can even manicure your nails yourself. One of the first steps to take is making sure your nails are neatly and correctly trimmed. Toenails may need bigger clippers designed for thicker nails, like the Clyppi Toenail Clippers.

You should always trim toenails straight across, not in a curve shape. The curve shape might initially look more appealing. But, by clipping them straight across it’s less likely, you’ll develop an ingrown toenail or nail fungus. Plus, they will grow evenly, which will make them look better.

When you don’t keep your nails trimmed, you risk hangnails and uneven, jagged edges. Those edges can get caught on things like socks, and ‘tear’ even more. Longer toenails are rarely in style. So, keep your toenails neatly clipped. Not only will they look better, but you’ll be keeping them healthier in the process.

2) Use Cuticle Oil

Many people swear by cuticle oil for their fingernails. It works just as well on toenails and will leave them looking healthy and shiny.
Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil is one of the most popular options.

When you apply cuticle oil to your toenails, you’ll keep the nail bed itself moisturized, as well as the surrounding skin. This will add a beautiful shiny look to your nails. More importantly, though, it will make it more difficult for your nails to chip and break. The oil makes them softer and more pliable. Instead of breaking, they will ‘bend,’ so you’ll be left with smooth nails instead of jagged ones.

3) Don’t Forget to Moisturize

Again, it seems our hands get all the attention when it comes to using moisturizing creams. Keeping your feet and toes moisturized can help to make your toenails look better, too. A moisturizer with shea butter, like Honeyskin Organics, can help to moisturize and soften toenails naturally.

The best part is that you don’t need to go out and spend extra money on a special foot cream. Any moisturizing cream or balm meant for the body should be safe to use on your feet. Pretty toenails look even better on beautiful feet. By moisturizing, you can prevent dry skin, cracking, and peeling.

Moisturizing your toenails will also help to keep them more pliable. Combine moisturizing with regular clipping. This will help to ensure that your nails don’t split or crack when you’re trying to trim them. Instead, you’ll have better control over the shape of your nails as you cut them.

how to make nails look nice without polish

4) Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy nails start from within. If you genuinely want your toenails to be strong, shiny and look healthy and beautiful, take a look at your lifestyle. Many times, what you eat will reflect how your nails (and surrounding skin) look.

As you might expect, limiting unhealthy fats, oils, and salt from your diet is a great place to start. But, there are things you can eat to promote the growth of your toenails and keep them looking great. Nails are made up of keratin, which is a type of protein.

Eating lean proteins will help your nails stay strong and grow quickly. Things like lean meats, fish, and nuts are great sources of protein for your nails.

Dark leafy greens and fruits and vegetables with plenty of Vitamin E will also add a shiny luster to your nails. They can make your nails look as though they have been polished with a clear coat!

Drinking plenty of water is also vital for the health of your nails. Dehydration isn’t just bad for your skin. It’ll affect how your fingernails and toenails look, too. Plus, when your nails are dehydrated, it’s easier for them to crack and chip.

5) Keep Them Buffed

Using a nail buffing block can give your nails a manicured look without using polish. A buffer can be used in a variety of ways and is an all-in-one tool for getting beautiful toenails.

It will smooth out any jagged ridges. If you recently clipped your nails but want to give them a smooth finish, a buffing block can work better than a regular nail file or emery board.

A buffer can also remove ridges from your nails, which is a big problem for a lot of people. Once the ridges are smoothed out, you can use the buffing block to add shine to your nail. You can give the appearance of a clear coat of polish just by using the buffing block.

How often you need to use a block like this depends on your nails. Everyone is different, and some people may need to use a buffer more frequently than others. But, they are easy to use and can make your nails look beautiful in minutes.

6) Use Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used for many things in the kitchen. It also has a lot of uses for your scalp, skin, and even your nails. Baking soda helps to restore pH balance to your skin and nails, and it can make your toenails look cleaner and brighter.

Instead of cleaning your nails with just soap and water, use baking soda. All you need is a wet toothbrush and a small bowl of baking soda. Just dip the wet brush into the baking soda and ‘scrub’ each nail carefully.

Be sure to get underneath the nail where soap and water don’t often go. Baking soda will not only clean under the nail, but it works as a natural whitening agent. Complete this process once a week for much cleaner, whiter nails.

If you need even more of a whitening effect, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to this solution. The acidity of the juice will help your nails to look even whiter and brighter. Even if your nails are healthy, making sure they look clean will make a big difference in how others see them.

7) Protect Your Toenails

One of the easiest ways to keep your toenails looking pretty is to protect them from elements that could harm them. It’s not always possible to prevent every possible damaging factor. But, the more aware you are of what could be bad for your nails, the better.

When it comes to toenails, protecting them includes things like wearing socks to avoid excess perspiration. You should also give them time to ‘air out’ at home, so moisture doesn’t get trapped. Wear shoes that fit correctly, and never go barefoot in public places like swimming pools.

You’ll have a better idea of how to protect your nails when you take into account the things you go through every day.

Try going through a typical day while thinking about the general health of your toenails. You’ll quickly realize different things you can do to treat them better and protect them from the elements of everyday life.

8) Avoid Harsh and Harmful Chemicals

Many over-the-counter products that are associated with nail care could do more harm than good. So many of these products contain chemicals, preservatives, and more. These ingredients may not affect everyone the same way. But, they are never good for the health of toenails.

Whether you see effects from these products or not, it’s always better to choose products with natural ingredients. When you choose to use natural or organic nail products, it’s less likely you’ll have any negative reaction. They will also do less damage to your nail over time.

For example, nail polish removers typically contain a substance called acetone. Acetone works great for getting rid of stubborn polish. But, it also dries out your nail, skin, and cuticles. Certain polishes can cause toenails to turn yellow.

If you need to use nail polish, this is a great time to introduce an organic polish. Whatever products you do choose to use on or around your toenails, try to make sure you can identify as many ingredients as possible.

9) Stay Away from Moisture Suckers

Staying hydrated is incredibly important for the health of your toenails. Sometimes, though, even your best efforts to drink enough water might not be enough. This is especially true if you have a lot of ‘moisture suckers’ in your life.

Dehydration will make your nails brittle. If you are drinking plenty of water and you still find your nails are chipping or cracking, consider some other elements.

Common dehydrating factors for toenails include:

  • Nail polish remover (acetone)
  • Weather/dry climate
  • Weakened nails
  • Exposure to cold weather

Protect your nails as much as possible from the things that can dehydrate them. When you’re drinking enough water and protecting yourself, your nails will be pliable and healthy instead of brittle and crumbly.

To add another layer of protection, you can try a natural nail strengthening solution product. By applying it to your toenails, you’ll make them stronger and more able to fight off harmful elements that could cause damage.

how to get beautiful toenails naturally

10) Leave Your Nails Alone

It can be tempting to fret over how your toenails look constantly. This can especially be true if you’re used to wearing a lot of polish and are suddenly going without.

While It’s crucial to keep your nails trimmed and buffed, picking at them too much can cause damage. Never pull at hangnails or trim your nails so short that it becomes painful or causes bleeding. Too much ‘messing’ with your toenails not only will look less beautiful, but it can put you at risk for things like infection.

Many of the things listed above can be done on your own. If you still want to have a professional manicure without polish, be sure to protect yourself. Go to a reputable nail salon that always uses clean nail tools. Or, better yet, bring your own sterilized tools for your manicurist to use.

Protecting Your Toenails from Infection

Making sure your nails look pretty starts with making sure the toenails are healthy. Nail polish is often used to cover up ‘ugly’ nails because they are unhealthy.

Instead of covering up your nails, treating them properly can make them look beautiful without the aid of polish or professional manicures.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to ignore our toenails until something happens or until we notice they don’t look normal. By this time, it’s likely that either an infection or an injury has occurred.

Nail fungus is one of the most common problems that affects the nails. It is caused when moisture gets trapped underneath the nailbed. It can also be triggered by trauma to the nail.

Keeping your feet and nails moisturized is essential. But, the right kind of moisture is needed. You should never allow your feet to remain ‘wet’ for any period.

Dry your feet thoroughly after showering, swimming, etc. If you are prone to sweaty feet, change your socks throughout the day and go barefoot at home to let your feet breathe.

If you experience any cuts on your toes, treat them immediately. Any type of infection on the toes is serious. But, the longer you let it go without treating it, the longer it will take for your toenails to get back to a normal, beautiful state.

Can I Get Pretty Toenails Without a Manicure?

Beautiful toenails are possible without polish. You don’t even have to get a professional manicure to achieve the look you want. The bare nail treatment is here to stay because more people recognize that it’s more important to have healthy nails than polished ones.

Unpolished nails are easier to manage than you might think. You won’t have to worry about how the polish itself looks. Instead, you can focus on the health of your nails and let their natural beauty shine through.

If you do like a more manicured look, you can still achieve it without polish by making your actual nails look smooth, trimmed, and shiny. Some of the above tips will help you to do that without the use of harmful chemicals or preservatives.

We hope this guide has given you enough tips to feel encouraged about your toenails. If you pay just as much attention to your toenails as your fingernails, you won’t have to worry as much about keeping them covered with polish.

Natural, beautiful toenails are possible when you start treating them as well as fingernails. Remember, that healthy shine starts from the inside out, and by using the right natural products.