Nail Ailments

40 Easy-to-Follow Tips that WILL Make Your Toenails Healthy Again

Our feet are often an ignored area of the body. Unless we start to feel pain or notice something particularly unsightly, we don’t usually give them the attention they deserve. This is especially true when it comes to unhealthy toenails.

It’s not always safe to assume we have the healthiest toenails. So much could be ‘lurking’ beneath the surface. If you aren’t taking proper care of your feet and toes, you could probably have better toenails than you already do.

On the other hand, if you have noticed that you’re experiencing problems with your nails, it’s never too late to take action. Whether you have toenail fungus, thick nails, oddly-shaped nails, or something entirely different, there is likely a remedy that can treat your specific problem.

It’s important to know how to make your toes look pretty. However, it’s even more important to know how to have healthier toenails. Thankfully, you can often accomplish both with similar treatment solutions.

How Can I Get Healthy Toenails Quickly?

This article will focus on the best ways to keep your toenails looking and feeling great. If you do have a problem with your nails or feet, it could be an indicator of other underlying health issues. Or, it could lead to future health issues.

It all starts with paying close attention to your feet. Once you’re able to do that, it will be easier to ‘diagnose’ if there is ever a problem with the toenails. Often, the sooner an issue with the nails is caught, the easier it is to treat.

Let’s take a look at some of the best healthy toenails treatments. Most of the solutions listed here can be done quickly and are completely safe. You may even be able to get beautiful toenails naturally with ingredients already found around your house.

  1. Include More Keratin for Strength and Growth

Nails are made up of a specific protein called keratin. This protein is also crucial for the health of your skin and hair. When you have a diet rich in keratin, your nails can become stronger, look healthier, and grow more regularly.

Keratin rich foods are high in protein. These include things like:

  • Lean Meats
  • Quinoa
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt

You don’t necessarily have to seek out a specifically keratin-rich diet. By eating a healthy, well-balanced diet full of protein, fruits and vegetables, and a lot of vitamins, you can improve the overall health and appearance of your nails. Plus, as we mentioned above, your hair and skin will reap the benefits too!

  1. Use a Home Pedicure Kit

Knowing how to shape your toenails properly can make a difference in how they look and feel. A home pedicure kit is a great way to make your nails look better without risking cross-contamination from pedicure tools.

While getting a pedicure from a salon can be relaxing, it can also be dangerous. If that salon doesn’t properly sanitize its tools, you could be at risk for contracting toenail fungus. We’ll cover several aspects of fungal infections shortly. However, choosing a good home pedicure set can give you equally-beautiful results, and you don’t have to worry about who else has been using the tools.

Typical tools in a set include things like:

  • Clippers
  • Nail file
  • Scissors
  • Electrical Unit
  • Attachments/Tips

If you already have contracted toenail fungus, you can even choose a pedicure set for fungal infections that can make your feet feel and look better.

  1. Practice a Daily Hygiene Routine

This may seem like common sense. But, far too often our feet get left out of our daily routine for keeping things clean. Just a few extra minutes of attention can make a big difference in the overall health of your toenails.

Be sure to wash your feet and toes every single day. Use warm water and a mild antiseptic soap for the best results. One of the most important factors in this routine will be making sure your feet are completely dry, especially between the toes. Damp areas on the feet can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Keeping your feet clean and dry will help them to stay healthier and stronger all the time.

  1. Trim Nails Frequently

One of the best ways to grow healthy toenails fast is to clip them back properly and frequently. If you have thick nails due to something like toenail fungus or age, you may need a special set of nail clippers to get the job done.

By cutting your nails frequently, you reduce the risk of debris getting underneath them. This can include everything from dirt to bacteria. Long nails also make it easier for fungal infections to occur and seep into the nail bed. It can be easy to forget about trimming your nails until they get uncomfortable. But, you should be clipping them long before that for your own safety.

Even if you have jagged nails or a shape that seems to be growing improperly, keeping them clipped often will help them to grow in faster and healthier. Everyone’s nails grow at different rates, so keep an eye on yours. Once a month is usually sufficient for cutting them back.

  1. Trim Nails Correctly

Aside from cutting your nails frequently, you should also be cutting them the right way. When it comes to how to shape toenails properly, many people are still in the dark. When you are clipping your nails, cut them straight across. It’s tempting to shape your nails with a curve, but that’s not the best method.

Clip your nails straight across, and don’t go too far down the sides. If you clip your nails in a half-moon motion too much, you can increase your risk of getting an ingrown toenail. That’s when a piece of nail begins to grow into the surrounding skin. They can be extremely painful and hard to remove.

While it’s important to keep nails from getting too long, you also don’t want to cut them extremely short. This will make them more susceptible to trauma. Leave them long enough to protect your toes.

To make sure you cut your toenails properly, you’ll need the right pair of clippers. A good pair of trimmers should be easy to grip, strong, and sharp.

  1. Moisturize Regularly

One of the best things you can add to a daily foot care routine is to make sure you’re moisturizing your feet. Keeping the skin that surrounds your toenails healthy and soft will make your nails look better. Additionally, using the right essential moisturization oils can make a big difference, too.

For example, if you moisturize your actual nail with something like jojoba oil, it can prevent them from becoming brittle and crumbly. This makes them easier to trim and makes them look better. It also reduces the risk of your nails accidentally cracking.

  1. Use Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus

One of the most common problems associated with toenails is toenail fungus. It’s usually caused by moisture getting trapped underneath the nail itself. Because fungus thrives in moist environments, it doesn’t take long for it to grow and spread.

There are different types of toenail fungus infections to consider, and knowing the symptoms can make them easier to identify.

Once you’ve figured out the type of infection you’re dealing with, you should seek out a treatment option right away. One of the best natural ways to get rid of toenail fungus is with tea tree oil. It has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties.

If you’re worried about using tea tree oil on its own, there are dozens of treatments that contain this essential oil as a key ingredient. The best one for getting rid of fungus is the Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus system. It includes all-natural ingredients (including tea tree oil) that are designed to restore the health of your nails at any state.

  1. Soak in Apple Cider Vinegar to Stop Discoloration

Sometimes fungus or other infections can cause your toenails to become discolored. This usually results in a yellowish tint. It’s often very noticeable and can be very embarrassing. One of the best ways to get rid of discoloration and restore your nails naturally is with apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar helps to balance out the pH levels of your skin and nails when you do a foot soak with it. If you’re dealing with some type of infection, it will also help to kill it thanks to the high acidity level.

  1. Remove Yellowing from Nail Polish

Most people use nail polish to make their toenails look prettier. Unfortunately, they can sometimes do more harm than good. If you leave polish on your nails all the time without giving them a break, you could be ‘suffocating’ the nails. If they aren’t given a chance to air out, infections could develop.

Nail polish can also cause discoloration on your nails if left on for too long. The color of the polish itself won’t transfer, but it can make the nails look yellow and unhealthy.

To remedy yellow nails from nail polish, remove the polish every weekend and give your nails a chance to breathe. If you feel the need to keep them painted, use an antifungal nail polish now and then to ensure your nails are protected, and a fungus won’t start to grow and spread. You should never use traditional nail polish to cover up yellow nails or an infection. That could make it worse.

Remove health conditions that damage the toenails

  1. File Them Correctly

Hang nails or ripped, torn nails can be painful. They can also snag your socks or shoes, and rip even more. A toenail that has been torn can make it difficult to walk or wear certain types of footwear. It can also increase your risk of infection.

Sometimes, trimming your nails isn’t enough to give them smooth edges. Follow up your trimming routine by filing them. Most people file their fingernails, but it’s easy to ignore the toenails in the process.

Smooth out any rough edges or ridges around the nail, and you’ll lower your risk of getting a hangnail. Your toes will also look better, cleaner, and more well-groomed. If you buy a quality pedicure set, the filing process is easy. But, you can also use a gentle emery board to get the job done.

  1. Wear the Right Shoes

Footwear can play a big role in the health of your feet and toes. There are two major factors to consider when it comes to shoes:

  1. Do they fit correctly?
  2. Are they breathable?

Both of these characteristics are equally important for healthy nails. If your shoes are too tight, it can lead to problems like calluses, blisters, bunions, and even toenail fungus. Tight shoes might also cause your feet to ache and be sore by the end of each day.

Breathability is also extremely important. If your toes aren’t getting any airflow within your shoes, that could increase your chance of a fungal infection. The less air your feet get, the more likely it also is for them to start smelling. Perspiration is a big problem for some people, and shoes that don’t breathe can increase how much your feet sweat.

If your shoes are too tight, you don’t necessarily have to go out and buy new ones. Try a stretching solution, like the FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher. This stretching device is designed to add a little extra length and width to your shoes to give you the room you need, and added comfort.

  1. Choose Breathable Socks

Just as it’s important to have the right shoes, it’s equally important to consider your sock choices. There are socks designed to wick away moisture if you have sweaty feet. The more moisture you can pull away from your nails, the better.

When your socks get wet from sweat, it can lead to smelly feet and can create blisters if your toes are rubbing up against them all day. Again, it can lead to toenail fungus as well. Choosing the right socks can make a big difference in how your feet and toenails look and feel.

  1. Try an At-Home Laser Treatment

If discoloration, a bad smell, and hard, brittle nails are a problem, it’s likely you have a fungal infection. While there are dozens of treatment solutions to consider, one of the best you can use at home is a laser treatment.

Laser treatments done by a podiatrist can cost thousands of dollars. The Cure Ex Fungus Treatment provides the strength and effectiveness of laser light treatments with a small device you can use in the comfort of your own home.

A laser treatment like this is completely safe to use and only takes a few minutes each day. Because it’s a bit of an investment, it may be better suited for those who frequently experience toenail fungus. But, if you do, you can take the device with you wherever you go. Start using it at the first sign of an infection, and you can cut down on the healing time and reduce the appearance of unsightly symptoms.

  1. Protect Nails in Public Places

It’s important to let your toenails breathe as much as possible. When you’re at home, try to forego shoes and socks. This will help to wick away moisture from underneath the nail. However, it isn’t recommended to go barefoot in public places.

Your nails should be protected at all times when you’re out in public. There are a few instances in which it is even more necessary. If you find yourself in a public pool or shower, for example, it may be tempting to go barefoot. However, you could easily contract a fungal infection. This could happen by catching it from someone else, or by allowing moisture to get trapped underneath the nail.

Instead of going barefoot in these public situations, wear shower shoes or flip-flops. Your nails will still be exposed. But, they’ll be safe from touching any potential risk factors and contracting an infection.

  1. Get a Foot Massage

A foot massage can be a relaxing experience, but it doesn’t have to be something reserved for luxury. Occasional foot massages can help to boost circulation throughout your feet, including into your toes. When the blood supply to your toes is strong, it can produce stronger, healthier nails. It also makes your nails look shiny and pinker. Nobody wants blue toenails. It will also give them a glossy, smooth sheen.

You don’t have to invest in a professional massage. You can ask a partner to do it, rub your feet yourself, or try an electric vibrating foot massager. Regular massages can also help to alleviate stress and give you more energy.

  1. Boost Your Circulation

We touched on the importance of boosted circulation in the previous tip. For people who have poor circulation, however, it’s equally important to know how boosting your blood flow can improve your overall foot and toenail health.

Proper blood flow through the feet and legs can help to keep them healthier, overall. When your circulation is normal, it’s less likely that you’ll develop certain infections and ailments. Your feet and toes will feel stronger, and you probably won’t feel as many aches and pains each day.

One of the best ways to increase your blood flow is with the Revitive Circulation Booster. There are several circulation boosting machines on the market. The Revitive unit is recognized by the FDA as an actual medical device. It is incredibly easy to control and has varying features, so your feet never get used to certain patterns or wavelengths.

Whether you have a condition like diabetes and know the importance of taking care of your toes, or just want a boost in blood flow, investing in the best circulation booster machine like this is a great way to be proactive about the health of your feet and nails.

  1. Try a Foot Soak

Again, a foot soak might seem like a luxurious treat. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, there are many health benefits to soaking your feet and toes. Many feet soaks are considered to be therapeutic. They often contain ingredients that are not only meant to relax you but encourage healthy feet. They can also help to soften and wash away debris that may be trapped underneath your nails.

Foot soaks like the Rocky Mountain Tea Tree Oil Soak are designed to make your feet and toes look and feel better. This particular soak can also help with issues like foot fungus, discoloration, and other types of bacterial issues or infections. You don’t need anything fancy to do a foot soak. Many people use Epsom salts or essential oils for added benefits.

You can either use something as simple as a basin or bowl for a soak, or a foot bath and spa machine. These machines help to keep water warm for as long as you wish to soak your feet. Some even massage the bottom of your feet while you’re soaking for extra comfort and a circulation boost.

  1. Give Yourself Regular Inspections

Many times, simply paying more attention to your nails can make a big difference in their health. You should make yourself familiar with certain signs of problems. For example, the earliest symptoms of nail fungus often include a white or yellow dot under the nail.

Other conditions like diabetes or psoriasis can result in pitted, heavily-ridged nails. A daily inspection of your feet and nails can not only warn you of any problems with the nails themselves, or other underlying health conditions. Take a few minutes each day to look at your nails. The sooner you’re able to catch any abnormalities, the easier that condition will likely be to treat.

  1. Air Out Your Shoes

Is it important to wear the right kind of shoes? Yes. But, you can have the proper footwear and still not care for them the right way. Wearing the same shoes every day can create problems quickly. Moisture can get trapped within the fiber of the shoes and become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus.

There are several options to remedy this. One of the easiest is to let your shoes ‘air out.’ Don’t wear the same pair two days in a row. Instead, alternate your footwear every other day. This will give all of your shoes enough time to air out and for moisture to evaporate into the air. When you step into your shoes again, they won’t feel damp, and you’ll be better protected.

  1. Soak Up the Sweat

If you don’t have time to leave your shoes out overnight or only have one pair, you should find another way to remove moisture from them. There are dozens of ways to prevent smelly feet. But, getting excess moisture out of your shoes is about more than decreasing foot odor.

One of the easiest ways to pull out moisture is by sprinkling your shoes with baking soda, or an over-the-counter foot powder. These solutions are designed to soak up any excess moisture, leaving your shoes dry in the process. They will also help to neutralize odors. Not only are you decreasing your chances of fungal growth, but your shoes won’t smell as bad.

  1. Leave Your Cuticles Alone

Whether you get professional pedicures or do your own, many people think it’s necessary or better looking to push down or cut the cuticles. Don’t do it! Your cuticles serve a purpose. They serve as a helpful barrier against certain types of bacteria and fungus. When you cut them away, you’re increasing your risk of infection.

Cutting away your cuticles can also harm the nail bed and create lasting damage. Plus, it’s hard to cut them or push them back neatly. You’ll often end up with cuticles that look jagged or inflamed. Make sure the next time you groom your toenails, you leave your cuticles alone. Your nails will remain healthier for it and have a stronger source of natural protection.

  1. Go Organic and Natural

Choosing organic products or those with natural ingredients isn’t just a trend. There are huge benefits to going with responsibly-made solutions. When choosing products like nail polish, soaps, lotions, or even treatments for toenail fungus, it’s best to go as natural as possible.

Chemical-free formulas are usually better for people who have sensitive skin. They are also less likely to cause a negative reaction or side effects. In fact, one of the only ways for them to be ‘harmful’ is if you happen to be allergic to one of the ingredients. Most organic products also take pride in the ethics of what they do. Many of them denounce things like animal testing and work to create their products in a green environment.

Choosing products with all-natural ingredients is a great way to give your toenails the right kind of care without having to worry about damaging anything in the process. You can keep things clean, and even cure foot conditions. The myths that natural ingredients don’t work as well as their chemical counterparts are just that – a myth.

Natural ways to improve the health of your toenails

  1. Buff Things Up

Buffing your nails isn’t just a secret the professionals use to make your nails look good. There is some science behind it that can improve the health of your toenails. By using a buffer (or even your thumbs!) to quickly rub over the nails, you can smooth down any imperfections. However, this action also helps to boost circulation and stimulate blood flow.

When circulation is boosted around your toenails, it encourages healthy growth. It will also give your nails a healthier color. While you shouldn’t buff your nails every day, you can do it as often as you clip them to keep them looking their best, and allowing them to grow quickly.

  1. Get More Biotin

Biotin is a member of the vitamin B family. It can help to increase the overall thickness of your nail, as well as the strength. This can prevent the nails from becoming brittle and breaking easily. If you currently have brittle nails or notice deep ridges, biotin can help to reverse these effects quickly.

As with any vitamin, it’s best to get biotin through your food. Some foods with a high amount of biotin include:

  • Eggs
  • Whole grains
  • Milk
  • Lean Meats
  • Almonds

If you aren’t able to get an adequate amount of the vitamin through your diet, you can seek out a biotin supplement. Just 2.5 milligrams of biotin each day can make a big difference. Biotin is one of the only natural vitamins to help strengthen your nails. Nail products with calcium or fluoride may not be harmful, but they won’t do the job of hardening your nails as biotin can through a daily intake.

  1. Avoid Acetone

Choosing the right way to remove nail polish is just as important as choosing the right nail polish itself. Many people use acetone-based polish removers. Unfortunately, acetone can make your nails yellow and more brittle. Additionally, it can be even more damaging to nails that are already thin.

It essentially ‘strips’ the nails of many nutrients. When your toenails don’t have these nutrients to stay strong and healthy, they can become weak. This can lead to splitting, cracking, or crumbling. The next time you’re trying to take off a layer of nail polish, reach for a remover with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

  1. Choose the Right Emery Board

We already touched on the fact that filing your nails is beneficial. But, it’s essential to use the right kind of emery board. Most ‘old fashioned’ emery boards are far too rough. They are often too harsh to even be used on nails. When used, they can cause small cracks in the nail which can eventually lead to splitting.

Choose a file that feels smooth to the touch, and make sure you’re performing the action correctly. Filing your nails should be done slowly, and in one direction at a time (not back and forth like a saw). This will help to prevent fissures from occurring. It will make it less likely for the nail to tear or break.

  1. Don’t Chip Away Old Polish

It’s easy to forget about or ignore polish that has been on your toes for too long. We tend to pay more attention to manicured and fungus-free fingernails than toenails. If you ever get bored, however, you might start to pick away at old polish on your toenails. Or, it could start to chip off on its own.

Try to prevent yourself from picking at the polish. It might seem harmless, but you can aggravate the nail bed in doing so. This can lead to more serious damage or even potential infections.

  1. Scrub Your Shower

If you’re protecting your feet in public showers and locker rooms but not your own, what’s the point? Of course, you know the people using your shower. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t become loaded up with germs and bacteria over time. You can contract toenail fungus by being barefoot in your own bathroom.

To protect yourself, regularly wash and disinfect your shower. A bleach-based cleaner will do a great job and will help to kill any lingering bacteria or fungi that may be lurking around. Whether you live alone or with a family, disinfecting your shower will protect everyone from potential dangers to their toenails.

  1. Rub with Olive Oil

You already know it’s important to keep your feet moisturized. Did you know you could accomplish it with olive oil? Additionally, olive oil contains Vitamin E. This helps to boost your blood circulation. It also promotes strong, healthy nails and encourages growth.

To use olive oil correctly on your feet, simply rub a small amount over your toes and massage into the nails each night. If you perform this action before bed, cover your feet with breathable socks and let the oil soak in overnight. Remove the socks in the morning and wash your feet like you normally would.

  1. A Slice of Lemon

Rub your toenails with a small slice of lemon for a few minutes, and then rinse away with water. Lemon contains loads of Vitamin C. This vitamin will help to boost the production of collagen in your body (specifically the toes in this case). That allows your nails to grow stronger, and stay healthier.

It’s a simple and quick method to add to your nail routine a few times a week. Not only will the lemon keep your nails looking great, but it can help to fight off bad odors, too. Be sure to dry your toes completely after you rinse the lemon juice away. Don’t use this method if you have any cuts or scrapes around your nails.

  1. Soften Your Nails

If your nails have become too hard or thick to take care of properly, you may need to soften your toenails. You know how important it is to clip your nails regularly. If they are too hard or thick to trim, they could crack and crumble. Softening them makes them easier to manage.

To do this effectively, you can use anything from an over-the-counter softening cream to a home remedy. Many people cover their nails in petroleum jelly overnight for them to be softer in the morning. You can even soak them in a foot spa with Epsom salts to make them softer. Nails tend to harden as we age. If you’re having trouble with the hardness of your toenails, try a few different softening solutions to find one that works for you.

  1. Get More Exercise

You probably already know that regular exercise is beneficial to your overall health. That includes your nail health, too! Exercise helps to boost your circulation naturally throughout your body. Increased blood circulation to the nails will help them to grow stronger and faster. It’s a natural way to boost your blood flow while reaping additional health benefits.

Make sure you’re taking the time to keep your feet clean and not too sweaty if you’re exercising more. Investing in the right shoes and socks is imperative for people who live a more active lifestyle.

How to get healthier toenails at home

  1. Wash between Your Toes

It’s easy to look at the tops of your toes and wash them. You may even go so far as to brush them and make sure there is no debris underneath the nail. But, if you’re washing your feet this way, you’re missing an important step; washing between the toes.

Fungal and bacterial infections can easily grow in between your toes. This includes athlete’s foot. If these infections grow and spread, they can reach the toenails themselves. That allows easy access underneath the nail and into the nail bed. Every time you wash your feet, you should pay special attention to the spaces between each toe. Wash, cleanse, and dry each space thoroughly to lower your risk of infection and keep your nails looking healthy.

  1. Drink Your Zinc

There are multiple vitamins associated with healthy nail growth. Zinc is one of the most beneficial, and one of the easiest ways to get an adequate amount is by drinking milk. Add an extra glass of milk into your diet each day. It’ll help to make your nails stronger and look better. Zinc can be especially effective if you’ve noticed things like white spots on your nails. Those ‘spots’ could be a sign of a zinc deficiency.

Zinc is actively involved in the growth and division of cells. Without it, your nails wouldn’t grow properly. Making sure you’re getting enough is the key to healthy and fast nail growth.

  1. Wear Stronger Socks

Keeping your toenails clipped and well-groomed should also help to keep them smooth. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen. Sometimes, toenails can snag against the inside of a sock. Not only can this cause holes in your socks, but it can damage your nails.

When the nail of your big toe catches on the inside of a sock, it can pull. This can cause your nail to tear, which can lead to bleeding. If a tear or cut open up on your toe and starts to bleed, you’ve put yourself at risk for a bacterial infection.

While keeping your nails well taken care of is a great start, it isn’t always enough. Choose socks made of strong material. They won’t be as susceptible to snagging. Avoid wearing just socks in carpeted areas that might drag, and find bigger socks if yours are too small and constricting.

  1. Stop the Sweat

Feet have a ton of sweat glands. They are put to work even more often if we’re active. Some people just seem to have sweatier feet than others. While excessive sweating can lead to bad smelling feet, it can also cause problems for your toenails.

As suggested earlier in this article, moisture can lead to toenail fungus. There are multiple ways you can prevent moisture from pooling in your shoes, socks, or getting underneath the nail. Use one of these simple ways to cure stinky feet also to get rid of too much sweat and moisture. You’ll love the fact that your feet won’t smell as bad. But, your toenails will also thank you for keeping them healthy and fungus-free!

  1. Use Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a key nutrient for healthy hair and nail growth. While it’s found in many foods and can be taken as a supplement, you can apply it directly to your nails for even better results. The faster Vitamin E is absorbed directly into your nails, the better.

To use it effectively, break open a Vitamin E capsule to expose the natural oil inside. You can mix this with an essential oil, like tea tree oil, for more added benefits.

Some studies suggest taking care of your nails at night can provide additional benefits, too. To make sure the Vitamin E gets fully absorbed into the toenails, rub it on thoroughly before you go to bed, and cover your feet with socks as you sleep. There is no need to rinse anything away. Remove the socks in the morning, and the liquid from inside the capsules should be completely absorbed.

  1. Drink More Water

When it comes to the right kind of diet for toenail health, water should always be a key component. Drinking enough water each day will not only keep the skin surrounding your nails hydrated, but it will also keep your nails healthier.

Making sure your toenails are hydrated helps with blood flow. It will keep them a nice pinkish color and encourage growth. Consuming enough water also allows your nails to have a certain ‘luster.’ It helps them to remain shiny and not dull-looking. If your toenails don’t seem to have that shine, it could be because your body is dehydrated.

  1. Take Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil should be added to the supplements you take for toenail health. It might sound strange at first, but fish oil tablets are great for your nails. They are especially effective during cold, harsh weather that can cause damage to your skin and nails.

Fish oil helps to moisturize your nails and make them stronger. This is due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids. It will hydrate your nails from the inside out when taken regularly.

Additionally, fish oil contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to make the cuticles stronger, and protect them from getting damaged.

Taking fish oil can take some getting used to, as it can leave an aftertaste for some people. But, there are many additional health benefits to this supplement that you should also consider when ingesting it.

  1. Scrub With Toothpaste

Things like Epsom salts and pumice stones are great for exfoliating the skin of your feet. You can even use sugar scrubs or foot baths to get rid of hard skin on feet. What most people don’t take into consideration is that it’s equally important to ‘exfoliate’ your toenails.

Toothpaste works as a gentle abrasive agent. You can use it the same way you do when you brush your teeth. Apply a small amount of whitening paste to a soft-bristled toothbrush. Gently brush the toothpaste onto your nails.

Not only does this help to boost circulation and leave your nails looking shiny and healthy, but it will also remove dirt and debris from underneath the nails. When you’re done brushing, rinse the paste away. You can try this process multiple times a week for best results. You should notice fairly quickly that your nails will have an easier time retaining their natural color and glow.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Your Toenails Healthy?

One of the best things you can do to keep your feet and toenails healthy is to pay more attention to them. Ignoring your feet is easy until a problem or specific condition comes up. The more attention and care you give your feet, the less likely it is that you’ll have issues with your toenails. It all starts with basic hygiene practices; cleaning your sweaty feet and keeping them dry.

Any of the helpful tips in this article can be used to make sure you have consistently-healthy nails. Some of them are preventative solutions, while others can be added to your regular foot care routine. Many of them have additional benefits that can help your skin and other possible health conditions in the process.

We hope you use some of these tips regularly to maintain the overall health of your toenails. It’s not just about having toenails that look great. After all, anyone can cover up unsightly nails with footwear or nail polish. It’s about having nails that feel great, and are healthy from the inside out. When you’re able to practice habits that lead to healthy nails, you’ll notice a big difference.