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How to Easily Cut Off a Fungal Toenail

When you have toenail fungus, your nails will start to thicken. The longer that the fungus is left untreated, the thicker they will become. Many people have to go to a podiatrist, just to get their nails cut. It’s expensive and time-consuming.

Cutting your toenails when they are infected is different to cutting them when they’re healthy. Healthy nails are thinner, and you can get a clean cut with little effort. When you have a fungal infection, depending on the progression, they can become really hard to cut.

When you have the proven toenail cutting tools and know-how, though, you will be able to cut your own toenails at home. This will not only save you lost time from work, or from your busy schedule, but it will also save you money in fees to medical professionals.

In this article, we will discuss how to cut fungal toenails correctly. It is important to understand that, if you fail to cut them the right way, it can hurt the nail and cause further damage. We will also talk about how to properly clean and care for your nail clippers. Last, but not least, we will tell you where we get professional thick toenail clippers, just like the ones that podiatrists use for their own private patients.

How to Cut Off a Fungal Toenail

In the early stages of toenail fungus, it’s not that hard to trim the nails. Once they get thicker, though, you may find that the clippers won’t go all the way through, or may even break.

When you have thickening nails, you need to buy a pair of quality toenail clippers. If not, you will inevitably break many pairs. The clippers may slip off the nail and cut your skin, or they may only cut off a small piece of the nail. You’ll then have to try to line them up with the previous clipping to remove that piece of the nail. It can make life tricky, especially if your own mobility is restricted/limited in some way.

Doctors recommend cutting fungal toenails straight across. This is because the nails can become ingrown or embedded in the top corners of the toe, and ingrown nails can be really painful. It’s the last thing that you want to happen when you’re dealing with toenail fungus.

It’s recommended that you cut nails when they are soft. This would be after you’ve got out of the bath or shower, or after you’ve had a foot soak. This needn’t be a burden. You can make the experience pleasurable by using the latest electric foot spa machine.

A pair that is used by many doctors is called KlipPro Toenail Clippers for thick nails. We will talk more about these specialist clipping tools shortly.

How to Cut Crumbling and Thick Toenails Correctly

If your toenails are infected, you need to be careful when you cut them. You can’t use a pair of regular nail clippers now as they won’t even make a cut.

Using a medical-grade pair of toenail clippers is the only way that you will be able to get the job done. Even though the toenails are very thick, they are brittle and fragile now. If you try to cut them with regular clippers, the nail will almost certainly crack and become jagged.

You have to be careful, and with a good pair of clippers, clip only a small amount of nail at a time, straight across.

How Does Cutting Your Nails Help Fight Fungus?

The fungi that cause toenail fungus starts to grow under your nail, in the nail bed. This is where the treatment that you use has to get to, in order to fight the fungus. The fastest and easiest way for it to get there is entry through the top of the nail.

If you don’t cut your nails regularly, keeping them trimmed as low as possible, it’s harder for the treatment to reach the nail bed. A foot soak, such as the Purely Northwest toenail fungus system, will help if you are finding life particularly difficult.

Cleaning & Disinfecting Toenail Clippers

This isn’t something many people think about, but it is vitally important. Every time that you clip your nails, you must disinfect them. This is because the fungus will stay on the clippers and will go back onto your nail the next time that you use them. You may also infect other nails.

When you are done using them, make sure that all of the nail clippings are gone. You should then apply rubbing alcohol to make sure that the fungus is killed. Some people use alcohol wipes, but it is best to soak the clippers in alcohol (or a diluted bleach) for a few minutes.

Make sure that you dry them well and store them in a place where no one else will find or use them. The last thing that you want is to give someone else a fungal nail infection as it’s easily spread.

Best Professional Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails

The toenail clippers that many doctors use are the KlipPro Toenail Clippers for Thick Nails. We honestly believe that these are the best nail clippers that you can use to cut fungal nails. You can read our review by clicking the link above, but we will tell you more about them in this post.

Really Easy to Grip

The handle is 5 inches long and has small ridges, making it easy to get a firm, steady grip. The cutting blades are slightly curved, like your toenail, and they open up to about an inch wide.

This will allow you to trim your nail easily, ensuring that you get a smooth, even cut. Even if your toenails are really thick, even misshapen, these clippers will cut cleanly through them.

How to Cut Off a Fungal Toenail

Made to the Highest Standards

They are made of high-quality stainless steel, and won’t rust, even though you have to put them in alcohol to keep them sanitized.

The blades are very sharp. You do have to be careful when using them so that you don’t cut yourself. However, they cut crumbling nails without damaging them in any way. They come with a protective cover to put over the blades when not in use.

Another good pair of toenail clippers is the Harperton Klipit Nail Clipper Set. They are also made with high-quality stainless steel, and the handles are ergonomically made, making them easier to grip/use.

Keeping your toenails trimmed is the best way to help a treatment work. It’s not easy to cut fungal toenails with regular clippers, but with the “Harperton clippers or KlipPro toenail clippers, it can be. With regular clipping and the use of a good treatment, you will have an easier time cutting tough toenails and getting rid of the fungus.