Chooling Toenail Clipper Review

Chooling Nail Clippers for thick toenailsWhen you have really tough toenails, clipping them can be a difficult task. Standard nail trimmers or generic scissors rarely get the job done, which is why you need the best toenail clippers for thick nails. This can crack or split your nails, causing an even bigger mess and putting you at risk of infection.

One of the most common reasons for thick toenails is due to a fungal infection. That makes keeping them clean and trimmed even more important, so the fungus doesn’t have additional opportunities to grow.

Thick, hard nails can also be the result of aging, or trauma to the toe. No matter the reason, taking proper care of your nails by clipping them can make treating the problem a lot easier. You don’t have to struggle with standard nail clippers that don’t cut fully through the nails.

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Chooling Toenail Clipper Review

This product is designed specifically to help cut through thickened nails. They will be rated on several criteria so that you decide which of its characteristics matter the most to you. Let’s take a closer look.

Are They Easy to Use?

The Chooling nail clippers have a curved handle that fits perfectly into the shape of your hand. This makes it easy to hold them securely, without worrying about slipping and accidentally cutting yourself. The handles are also slightly textured for additional security.

The clippers are double-springed. They bounce back quickly to an open position after each clip, so you don’t have to pry them open. For really thick nails, that feature is very helpful. It keeps nails from being caught and keeps the clippers from accidentally tearing or ripping a nail.

Chooling Toenail Nipper Review

How Wide Do the Jaws Open?

The jaws of any pair of clippers need to open wide enough to be able to handle very thick nails. That’s why smaller clippers are usually ineffective for these situations. The opening of the Chooling clippers goes up to about ½”.

If you’re looking for clippers that open even wider for very thick nails, you may want to check out the ClipPro-Kohm Toenail Clippers, or the Mehaz 668 Pro Toenail Clipper.

What’s unique about these clippers is that not only do they have a fairly wide jaw opening, but they have more of a plier-like design. It helps to deal with the thickest toenails from almost any angle and can help with ingrown toenails, too.

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Are the Blades Sufficiently Sharp?

The blades of the Chooling clippers are made of sharp stainless steel. They are powerful and curve to the contour of your nail. They are built to last and handle heavy-duty jobs, so even the toughest toenails are no match for how sharp they are.

Because of the curved blades, you can cut your nails at different necessary angles. It will leave your nails rounded and smooth, instead of jagged. The sharpness of the blades will also help to prevent any crumbling or splitting when you make your cuts. The fewer cuts you have to make, the better, so it can pay to learn the correct way to cut thickened toenails.

Is There a Satisfaction Guarantee?

The manufacturers are extremely confident in their product. They include an 18-month worry free guarantee with each purchase. If anything happens or you’re not satisfied during that time, you can return them for a replacement or a refund.

They also provide 24/7 customer support. If you are unsatisfied with the clippers, you can talk to someone at any time of day to resolve the issue.

Chooling Nail Nipper

Are They Safe for Everyone?

The double spring handles make these clippers easy for just about anyone to use. Even someone who doesn’t have a lot of grip strength doesn’t have to worry about the clippers slipping away from them. You also don’t need to use a lot of your own strength to make them work. When you’re confident a pair of clippers is firmly in your grasp, you can feel safe. It lowers the risk of making mistakes, or accidentally cutting yourself.

The Chooling clippers also feature a protective cover that goes over the closed nippers when they are not in use. This is great for storage, so no one will accidentally poke or cut themselves on open blades when it’s put away. If you have young children, this can be a very important safety feature to consider. It also makes the clippers easy to travel with without tearing anything else in your bag.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

With sharp blades, excellent safety features, and a worry-free guarantee, these Chooling clippers are a great option. As with any product, however, there are pros and cons to consider. It’s important that you choose these clippers based on what’s most important to you.


  • They have a curved handle that is easy to grip.
  • The double springs allow for clean cuts every time.
  • A protective cover makes them safe when not in use.
  • The blades are sharp and contour with the nail for smooth, clean toenails.


  • It needs to be positioned carefully for the sides of the nail.
  • Some people may require a clipper with a wider jaw opening.

The Chooling nail clippers are powerful enough to trim through almost any thick, tough toenails. They are easy to use on anyone from children, to seniors. They also have taken several safety features into account, to make sure everyone can use them with confidence. With their special shape, they can even be useful for ingrown toenails, which sometimes go hand in hand with thick nails.

We hope this in-depth review of the Chooling Toenail Clippers has been of some assistance to you. As you make your decision for the best clippers for your thick nails, take individual characteristics into account. If these clippers rank highly on things that matter most to you, they could be the right solution for your hard-to-cut nails.

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Overall Rating

Control: (3.0 / 5)
Opening: (4.0 / 5)
Blades: (4.0 / 5)
Satisfaction: (4.0 / 5)
Safety: (4.0 / 5)
Average: (3.8 / 5)