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protection for toes when walking
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How to Prepare Your Feet for a Long-Distance Walk or Hike

That aching feeling you get in your muscles after finishing a hike is satisfying – you wear it like a badge of honor. However, the same cannot be said of ankle sprains, blisters, and broken toenails.  These medical complaints can ruin a long-distance walk. Not only that, blistered feet and broken toenails can easily become infected if they are not appropriately treated. You shouldn’t let this put you off hiking, though. As long as you […]

what are the effects of walking barefoot?
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What Are the Health Benefits of Walking Barefoot?

Mankind walked barefoot for thousands of years before footwear was invented. Today, modern man is rediscovering the health benefits ancient cultures knew about centuries ago in many different areas of medicine. One of the questions being floated is whether walking barefoot has any health benefits. Various studies reveal that walking barefoot can be beneficial – and with some surprising benefits! However, there is also an argument that shoes provide benefits. While this is true, finding […]

stress fracture
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9 Really Painful Toe and Foot Injuries from Running

Running is a fantastic way to keep fit. But, as many enthusiastic runners will know, it can cause problems with your feet, toes, and nails. Foot and toe injuries can be incredibly painful and inhibit your exercise routines. Niggly injuries will often mean you cannot run as much as you want to. Sometimes, you might have to stop running entirely until you make a full recovery. In this guide, we will discuss the most uncomfortable […]

Can I go swimming with toenail fungus?
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Can You Go Swimming with Toenail Fungus?

Fungal toenail conditions affect up to 10% of the adult population. They are often caused by another infection – ‘athletes foot.’ Indeed, people who are involved in sports tend to contract fungal foot infections because fungi proliferate in warm, damp, and sweaty environments! Keen swimmers often question whether it’s safe to go swimming with toenail fungus, or whether this will put others at risk of contracting the infection. This is an important question that lacks […]

My big toes hurt when I dance
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Foot Care for Dancers – Painful Problems Caused by Dancing!

Your feet endure a lot of stress when you’re dancing, which is why proper foot care for dancers is so important. While aches and pains are normal, dancers are prone to severe foot injuries and conditions. And many of the issues associated with ballroom, ballet, Irish, and other popular types of dancing won’t be resolved until they’re medically treated. The more you know about different foot conditions, the sooner you can identify and resolve them. […]

football cleats don't fit properly and hurt my feet
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Foot Care for Soccer Players: Treatment & Injury Prevention Methods

Soccer has been a popular sport across the world for a very long time. In more recent years, it has surged in popularity throughout the United States. With children and adults alike taking up an interest in the game, it’s important to know how to play a soccer match without getting injured. Of course, the primary ‘tools’ used in soccer are your feet. So, it’s understandable that sometimes foot injuries do occur during the game. […]