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will spray tan ruin acrylic nails?
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How to Remove Fake Tan from Toenails

We all want to achieve a healthy glow to our skin. Whether it’s a big event or you just to look good in the summer sun, many people turn toward self-tanners to give them a bronzed look. A fake tan can be great for making your skin look darker. But, it can also get underneath your toenails. Thankfully, there are ways to remove fake tan from your toenails safely. Is your spray tan turning your […]

can you get a fungal infection from biting nails
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Does Nail Biting Cause Fingernail Fungus?

Biting your fingernails is a bad habit that can be riskier than you might think. One of the dangers of nail biting is a fungal infection on the fingernails. So, the next time you start biting your nails because you’re nervous or bored, think about the problems it can cause. Most people bite their nails because of nerves or stress. Eventually, it becomes kind of an unconscious habit. If you’ve done it for a long […]

Why do I have a unicorn pinky toenail?
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How to Cure Ski Jump Toenails and Fingernails

Suffering from ski jump shaped nails? Are they getting you down, catching on clothes, and making you feel embarrassed? And are you finally looking for a way to get rid of them? You’re in the right place for a complete guide on what to do with ski jump nails and spoon-shaped nails. You’re most likely worried about how to make your nails look better. It can be challenging to paint ski jump or spoon-shaped nails […]

Ways to quit nail biting fast
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12 Ways to Stop Biting Nails and Cuticles that Work

Looking for proven ways to stop biting nails and cuticles? You’ve found the right place! We’re going to provide some easy-to-follow tips and advice to help you to quit this life-long habit. You’ll soon have healthy-looking fingernails and renewed self-confidence. The reasons people bite off fingernails run much deeper than you might anticipate. The experts say that it can sometimes be due to nervousness, but not always. You may do it because you have nothing else […]

trauma stopped toenails from growing properly
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Health Conditions That Stop Toenails from Growing

Ignoring problems with our feet and nails can cause problems. We don’t often pay much attention until something happens. If your toenails are no longer growing, it’s important to find out why and take action. People’s nails can grow at different speeds. It depends on many factors. Everything from genetics to lifestyle choices can determine how quickly your toenails grow. If your toenails seem to be growing at a slower pace than usual, it’s normal […]

What do toenails say about your health?
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Can Toenails Indicate a Health Problem?

Most people regard their nails as an aesthetic feature of our bodies. But actually, our nails can be a useful indicator of what’s going on inside our bodies. Rather than merely being a canvas for nail polish, fingernails and toenails can flag up chronic diseases and other conditions. The shape, texture, and color of your natural nails can provide many vital clues as to how the body is functioning on the inside. Just like our […]