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vertical ridges on nails vitamin deficiency
Nail Ailments

What Causes Brittle Toenails with Ridges?

The status of our health can be seen in our nails, skin, and hair. Strong and durable toenails indicate physiological wellbeing. On the other hand, brittle and ridged nails indicate systemic disease, nail injury or poor health. In a small number of cases, ridged nails may have no discernible cause. Given the sheer possibility of risk factors, it can be overwhelming trying to pinpoint the exact origin of your ridged toenails. However, studying the type, […]

white stuff under toenail smells
Nail Ailments

How to Get Rid of Smelly Toenails for Good

Smelly toenail gunk is a common problem that is often associated with uncleanliness and sweaty feet. However, it is rare for toenails to smell without an underlying cause. A tell-tale sign that your feet need attending to is the white smelly stuff under your toenails that gives off an odor akin to mature cheese. This is more than basic toenail jam. It is more likely to be a bacterial infection or toenail fungus. Fungal infections are […]

Stopping the nail separating from the bed
Nail Ailments

What Are the Causes of Nail Separation from the Nail Bed?

The separation of the nail from the nail bed is known as onycholysis. When your nail lifts off the nail bed, it can be hard to look at and even painful. Many causes and conditions can lead to your nail starting to lift away. The most common reasons for nail separation are linked to trauma (injury). But, it can be caused by an underlying health condition or skin problem. If there is trauma to the […]

Why have my cuticles turned hard and yellow?
Nail Ailments

Why Do I Suddenly Have Thick, Dry, Hard, and Yellow Cuticles?

Cuticles are the thin layer of skin around the nail. They are an extension of the skin and are nature’s design mechanism to protect the fingers and toes from becoming infected by fungus or bacteria. The function of cuticles is to create and push new cells into the nails. This is what causes your nails to grow. When people have a severe illness, their fingernails and toenails stop growing because the immune system uses energy […]

What are the causes of blackened toenails?
Nail Ailments

What Causes Black Toenails? Why Your Nails Have Changed Color

Finding out that your toenails have turned black can be worrying. There are many reasons why a toenail can turn darker in color. It’s often caused by trauma to the nail or by an underlying medical condition. Determining what has caused your toenails to turn black will make it far easier to treat the problem. In some cases, time will be the only thing that will help the nail return to its normal color. Other […]

Why is my little toenail split?
Nail Ailments

Why Does My (Little) Pinky Toenail Grow So Weird?

Pinky toenails are tricky customers. If they’re not too short, they’re too long and cutting into your other toes. Maybe yours are growing sideways, thick and yellow, or falling off. But did you know that deformed toenails are quite common? It’s true, so you’re far from alone. There are all kinds of nail deformities. Toenails can grow upwards, inwards and to the side. This can prove to be extremely painful, but surprisingly, most people choose […]