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Toenail Fungus Medication – Oral Treatment Options & Side Effects

Oral Toenail Fungus Medication

Treating toenail fungus fast and effectively is important. That’s why many people turn to prescription drugs. These antifungal medications each have specific advantages and disadvantages, but they’re all proven to cure a fungal infection. In some cases, topical over-the-counter agents or home remedies don’t work as quickly as some people would like. How long do toenail fungus antifungal medications take […]

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Could a Black Spot under the Toenail be Fungus?

Black Spot under the Toenail

Several things could cause a black spot on the toenail. It could be a type of fungus. However, you shouldn’t automatically assume that you have a fungal infection. Having black under the nail could mean many things, so you’ll also need to find out the cause so it can be treated properly. The most likely underlying causes of a […]

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How to Easily Cut Off a Fungal Toenail

How to Cut Off a Fungal Toenail

When you have toenail fungus, your nails will start to thicken. The longer that the fungus is left untreated, the thicker they will become. Many people have to go to a podiatrist, just to get their nails cut. It’s expensive and time consuming. Cutting your toenails when they are infected is different to cutting them when they’re […]

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Why Do My Toenails Hurt After Running, Exercise, & Playing Sports?

My toenails are hurting after going running

Runners and athletes understand the importance of healthy feet and toenails. Whether you’re going on a long walk, hiking, playing soccer, or running a half marathon, your feet propel you to be your best. When there’s a problem with your feet or toes, it can affect your athletic ability and make life more difficult. Unfortunately, for […]

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How to Remove Hard Skin from Feet

Guide to removing dead skin from the feet

Nobody wants thick or dead skin on the feet. While our feet are designed to withstand different types of terrain, sometimes that is taken to extremes. What’s the result? Hardened skin on the soles, that also comes with possible corns and calluses, that needs to be removed. When things like calluses develop, hard skin can go from […]

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