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10 Quick Ways to Fix a Shoe That Rubs the Top of the Foot

Pain from shoes on the top of the foot

Do you have a pair of shoes digging into the top of your feet? Are they rubbing against your skin, causing discomfort and irritation? If you do, you’re not alone. However, there are several things you can do to stop this rubbing and the pain that goes along with it. Shoes that rub against your […]

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Feet Hurt Due to Tight Shoes? Top 15 Ways to Reduce Pain Fast!

shoes that cause pain to the big toe

Foot pain can be debilitating, especially when it’s caused by uncomfortable shoes. Unfortunately, far too many people force themselves into the incorrect footwear that hurt the sides or rub against the top of the feet. Either they don’t want to waste their money, or they don’t want to give up on a pair they’ve been […]

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How to Stretch Canvas Shoes at Home

Stretch your favorite pair of canvas shoes

There are shoe stretching devices and sprays that can expand leather shoes easily. But, what about canvas shoes? Many times, you might read that canvas shoes can’t be stretched. Well, that isn’t necessarily true. Canvas shoes or shoes made from synthetic materials are a bit more difficult to stretch, but it isn’t impossible. You may […]

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How to Stretch Shoes for Bunions

Add more room to your shoes for bunions

Having a pair of shoes that fit too tightly can be a problem for several reasons. The most obvious issue is that they are usually uncomfortable. This can lead to pain and aching feet by the end of the day. But, an even bigger problem is the foot conditions tight shoes can create. These include […]

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How to Stretch Leather Shoes & Boots at Home Fast

Leather boots that have been stretched and fit better

Finding the perfect pair of shoes or boots for work or for play can be a tedious process. But, once you’ve found the right pair, making sure they fit perfectly can be even harder. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress about the feeling of a custom-fit shoe anymore. With devices like the best shoe stretchers […]

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