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How to Use Essential Oils to Cure Athlete’s Foot

ways to treat athlete's foot with an essenital oil

If you regularly experience sweaty feet, athlete’s foot could be a problem for you. The good news is that natural remedies such as essential oils are a cost-effective way to treat a toe fungus. They add a nice-smelling fragrance and healthy look too! Medically known as tinea pedis, athlete’s foot is a common problem in […]

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Is it Toenail Fungus or a Damaged Nail Bed?

will my toenail grow back after fungus?

It’s not always as easy to detect whether you have toenail fungus or a damaged nail bed. To complicate matters further, an injury to the nail bed can sometimes be caused by a fungus, especially in more severe cases. Is your toenail lifting up? That could eventually be due to a fungus. But, it can also […]

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How to Get Rid of a Trapped Nerve in the Foot

What can be done about a pinched nerve in the heel?

Trapping a nerve in the foot is a painful and debilitating experience. Some people liken it to a severe case of pins of needles; a sharp pain radiates through the foot, yet the foot feels strangely numb. Trapped nerves disrupt daily life because they dampen our senses and limit our mobility. It rarely causes lasting […]

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Is Toenail Fungus Caused by Athlete’s Foot?

Does athlete's foot cause fungal nail infections?

Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus are common health ailments. According to a research paper published by the U.S National Library of Medicine, a fungus is a reason for up to 50 percent of all nail diseases. If left untreated, foot fungus could lead to additional complications. While athlete’s foot may seem like a minor irritation, […]

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What Causes Brittle Toenails with Ridges?

vertical ridges on nails vitamin deficiency

The status of our health can be seen in our nails, skin, and hair. Strong and durable toenails indicate physiological wellbeing. On the other hand, brittle and ridged nails indicate systemic disease, nail injury or poor health. In a small number of cases, ridged nails may have no discernible cause. Given the sheer possibility of […]

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