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Is Foot Eczema Contagious?

Can you catch eczema?

Is foot eczema contagious? We understand: eczema is a tricky condition, both to live with and to treat. And if you live with family or a partner, it won’t just affect your confidence. It can make you wonder whether you might be unwittingly giving others the condition, too. The good news is that eczema of […]

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Health Conditions That Stop Toenails from Growing

trauma stopped toenails from growing properly

Ignoring problems with our feet and nails can cause problems. We don’t often pay much attention until something happens. If your toenails are no longer growing, it’s important to find out why and take action. People’s nails can grow at different speeds. It depends on many factors. Everything from genetics to lifestyle choices can determine […]

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What Happens at a Podiatrist Appointment?

Podiatry and foot issues

Far too often, we ignore our feet. The health of our nails and feet is extremely important, but until there is a problem, they can go unnoticed. Thankfully, podiatrists can help to correct any issues. Whether you’ve been before or not, there are certain things you can expect from a podiatrist appointment. Simply put, they […]

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Can Toenails Indicate a Health Problem?

What do toenails say about your health?

Most people regard their nails as an aesthetic feature of our bodies. But actually, our nails can be a useful indicator of what’s going on inside our bodies. Rather than merely being a canvas for nail polish, fingernails and toenails can flag up chronic diseases and other conditions. The shape, texture, and color of your […]

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How Do Thyroid Problems Affect Toenails?

Toenail changes due to the thyroid glands

Every medical condition has its own set of symptoms. Some are invisible to the naked eye, while some are clear signs that something is wrong. The body manifests illness in many ways, and sometimes what’s happening on the outside is a clear sign of something amiss on the inside. This is especially true for thyroid […]

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