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How to Treat a Toenail Fungal Infection During Pregnancy

is antifungal cream safe during pregnancy?

Of the things that can happen to your body during pregnancy, toenail fungus is one thing that can be cured if you are unfortunate enough to get it. Although toenail fungus is unpleasant and irritating, it is treatable. However, when pregnant, you have to take extra special care with how you treat toenail fungus. This […]

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How to Treat Foot Ulcers Safely (and Avoid Infection)!

can stress cause foot ulcers?

Foot ulcers are caused by a combination of internal and external factors. An ulcer is initially triggered by an external trauma – so anyone can get a foot ulcer. However, ulcers are more likely to develop if your immune system is weakened.  Chronic health conditions and poor lifestyle choices can weaken the immune system and […]

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9 Really Painful Toe and Foot Injuries from Running

stress fracture

Running is a fantastic way to keep fit. But, as many enthusiastic runners will know, it can cause problems with your feet, toes, and nails. Foot and toe injuries can be incredibly painful and inhibit your exercise routines. Niggly injuries will often mean you cannot run as much as you want to. Sometimes, you might […]

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Cramp in Foot Won’t Go Away – 16 Ways to STOP Cramping in Feet!

cramps in feet and legs

Foot cramps are an irritating, sometimes even debilitating, condition. They’re similar to the kind of cramp that athletes endure when a muscle in your foot suddenly tenses and won’t relax. This can last anywhere from seconds to fifteen minutes or more. It varies, but foot cramp can also cause tenderness which lasts long after the […]

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12 Causes of EXTREMELY Itchy Feet (and How to Stop It)!

I've got itchy toes without a rash

Itchy skin – or ‘pruritus’ – is a condition that involves the body and the mind. Studies have shown that the more we scratch, the itchier we feel. In other words, the reciprocal relationship between our physiological and psychological drives seems to worsen pruritus. To avoid becoming stuck in this itch-scratch cycle, you must treat […]

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