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What are the most common plantar fasciitis symptoms?
Foot Ailments

How to Relieve Pain Caused By Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re experiencing pain in the heel of your foot, the cause may be due to a torn or inflamed plantar fascia – the thin layer of skin that connects your heel with the front of your foot. The medical condition for this common complaint is known as plantar fasciitis. In general, heel pain is nothing to worry about. It is a common problem and affects more than 50% of Americans at some stage in […]

why are my feet hot at night?
Foot Ailments

Understanding the Causes of Hot (Burning) Feet at Night

Do you suffer from hot, burning feet at night? The pain can be irritating and disturb your sleep. If this does sound familiar, you might need medical attention. Feet that burn when in bed is often the first sign of an underlying medical condition. Burning sensations in the feet can be mild or severe. For people in the latter category, hot feet can be quite painful. Even mild burning can be enough to make you […]

Reasons why feet are so cold and sweaty
Foot Ailments

Why Are My Feet Always Cold and Clammy?

Are cold and clammy feet causing problems? Does your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend complain about the way your feet feel when you’re laying in bed? Cool, moist feet aren’t pleasant for you or your partner. The primary cause of feet that are clammy is usually excessive sweating or poor circulation. But, there are more specific reasons you can be aware of so you can try to treat the problem. Clammy skin is usually wet […]

What causes pins and needles?
Foot Ailments

Why Do Your Feet Fall Asleep? Your Questions Answered!

The feet falling asleep is a strange sensation. The nerves have, in some way, been compromised. People have nerve cells that carry impulses to the brain and other areas of the body. The cells (or fibers) have structures surrounding them, but they are different. Some of the nerve fibers are thicker than others. Since the thicker ones have a protective coating to shield them, transmissions take longer. Those who are thin are the ones who […]

How to reduce pain from eczema on the feet
Foot Ailments

How to Treat Eczema on the Soles of Feet (and Get Relief from Pain)

Eczema is one of the most common skin conditions. According to the National Eczema Association, over 31 million people in the United States are currently affected. There are different types of eczema to consider, including eczema that affects the hands and feet. This is called Dyshidrotic eczema. You can treat this type of eczema and manage the painful symptoms, but it can’t be cured. Eczema can be unsightly and irritating no matter where it occurs. […]

foot is itchy after my shower
Foot Ailments

Why Do the Bottoms of My Feet Itch after Showering?

Your feet are itchy after showering. The skin is usually drier in the winter time due to cold weather and artificial heating patterns. During the summer, people are guilty of going without shoes or sticking to their sandals. But what if none of this describes the reason for the itchiness on the soles of your feet? For some, it doesn’t matter if the water used for showering is cold or hot, but mainly, it effects […]