Why do I keep getting cramps in my toes?

Why Toes Keep Cramping and Curling (and How to Relieve It Fast)!

Toe cramps can ruin our workouts and destroy our sleep patterns. They’re annoying, to say the least!  According to some scientists, muscle cramps are caused by our modern lifestyle. Our ancestors spent a lot of time in the squatting position and rarely wore shoes. This allowed them to lengthen and strengthen the muscles in their legs and feet. In turn, this protected against toe cramps. In this article, we’ll discuss how to improve muscle strength, […]

cramps in feet and legs

Cramp in Foot Won’t Go Away – 16 Ways to STOP Cramping in Feet Fast!

Foot cramps are an irritating, sometimes even debilitating, condition. They’re similar to the kind of cramp that athletes endure when a muscle in your foot suddenly tenses and won’t relax. This can last anywhere from seconds to fifteen minutes or more. It varies, but foot cramp can also cause tenderness which lasts long after the initial strain is gone. This can last up to a day, and in severe cases, even make it difficult to […]

Revitive Circulation Booster

Revitive Circulation Booster Review

Whether you have aches and pains or a medical condition that affects your circulation, a machine like the could be just what you need. It is one of the most popular machines on the market and consistently gets high marks for quality and ease of use. But, with so many other similar booster machines out there, knowing which one will work best for your specific needs is important. Choosing a circulation booster system can be […]

Restore circulation to your feet and toes

How to Get Circulation Back in Your Toes

If you have poor circulation, it’s likely that it affects your whole body. But, we typically notice it more in our extremities, like the fingers and toes. It can even cause the toenails to turn blue. Poor circulation is simply a lack of blood flow to parts of the body. Some of the common symptoms of insufficient blood flow include: Tingling Muscle cramps Discolored skin on the feet and toes Cold feet and toes Different factors […]

How to Ease Foot and Toe Cramps

Ways to Get Some Quick Relief from Foot and Toe Cramps

We tend to ignore our feet until they demand our urgent attention. Pain, discomfort, and cramping in the feet and toes can feel unbearable. Perhaps you get foot cramps while sleeping, after exercise, or simply when you’re sitting in your favorite chair? If so, you already know how hard it is to do the simplest tasks. Even walking a short distance can become painful, but it’s hard to appreciate until it happens to you. Many […]

Poor Foot Circulation Treatment

5 Things That Can Help with Poor Foot Circulation

Poor foot circulation can be a big problem. If you have bad circulation throughout your body, the feet are one of the first indicators. For example, it’s not uncommon for the toenails to turn a blue-gray color. It can be a symptom of other underlying health conditions, so it’s nothing to take lightly. If you do suffer from poor circulation in your feet, consider the causes. Some of the common causes of weak circulation include obesity, type […]