Toenail Fungus Questions

Can Toenail Fungus Spread to Other Toes?

Nail fungus, known as onychomycosis, is a common medical condition. The good news is that the likelihood of it spreading and doing further harm is relatively small when you identify it early on, treat it properly, and take precautions.

Can toenail fungus spread to other toes and toenails? Yes, it can! It can also be spread to other people’s feet/nails if you don’t take care.

Taking the proper precautions will help to put a stop to the infection. It can potentially spread to other toenails, and those who live with you (sharing bathing facilities) are more likely to become infected. Be sure that nobody uses your towels, bath mats, and other items that you use.

There are different things that you can do to kill the fungus, thus stopping it from spreading to other toenails/family members/friends. Depending on the severity of the toenail fungus infection, different treatments will cure it in the coming weeks and months.

Fungus Can Spread from One Person to Another

Onychomycosis itself is highly contagious. That is why people often contract it when using public showers and swimming pools. If you don’t wear sandals or flip-flops, you’re more at risk of getting nail fungus.

The same fungus responsible for athlete’s foot is also responsible for toenail fungus. The difference is that when you have toenail fungus, the fungus has embedded itself in your nail bed, under the toenail, and not in the skin between the toes.

Because it takes a little while to notice that you have it, it may also have started to spread to family members. It doesn’t happen too often, though, but you should still take extra measures to ensure that it doesn’t spread any further.

Disinfect the things that you use to treat your nails, such as clippers or files, and separate your towels from everyone else’s. Consider buying specialist clippers for thick toenails. They’ll reduce the risk of spreading the infection because you’ll have your own tools.

Can Fungus Spread Through Nail Polish?

It can, and it often does. When you use nail polish, the bacteria on your toenail will transfer to the polish when you return the brush to the bottle.

It can also be spread through polish at nail salons. If the employees at the salon don’t disinfect the tools that they use properly, the fungus will spread from person to person.

You should not use the same polish on your fingers as you do on your toes because the fungus in/on the nail can be transferred.

When you have toenail fungus, you should not polish your nails with standard polishes. This will hinder the healing because fungi love dark, moist places and there’s nothing to prevent it from happening. When you polish your toenail, the fungus will get worse, and you won’t notice it.

There is some good news. Due to a growing demand for ways to disguise fungus, there are now specialist antifungal toenail polishes available. It’s understandable that you want to cover up the infection when at work or out in public. It can form a part of your treatment plan.

How to Stop Toenail Fungus from Getting Worse

To stop the fungus from spreading to your other nails, start treating it immediately. You have to stop the fungus from growing, and it’s located under the toenail, so it’s hard to reach. That’s why the Purely Northwest System is a good OTC product to use.

It’s made with all-natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin or nail(s). It’s made with tea tree oil, ailments which have been used for years to treat many health and skin ailments. You can also use tea tree oil is for treating fungal infections.

Killing Fungus before It can Spread

The fungus can spread quickly if left untreated. There is a product that will kill the fungi. Xenna Nonyx nail gel is a potent treatment that will not harm the skin around the nail in any way.

It is a proven antifungal. The ingredients have a therapeutic effect when treating onychomycosis. This is because it’s made with essential oils, all of which have natural healing properties. Using Xenna Nonyx nail gel will prevent the fungus from spreading.

Can a nail fungus infect other toenails?

Tea Tree Oil Stops Toenail Fungus from Spreading

It can help to get rid of fungi between the toes and underneath the toenails. It also prevents fungus from spreading to other parts of the body. Not all tea tree oils are the same, though. You need to use an organic, 100% natural tea tree oil to kill the infection. If you use an off-name brand or oil which is diluted, you will not get the results that you need.

One of the best brands of tea tree oil is Avo Essentials. It is not diluted, and it does not contain any preservatives or chemicals of any kind. It works fast to kill fungus on or around the nails, and to stop it from spreading to other toenails/people.

Because many people with early stages of onychomycosis don’t yet realize that they have it, they will not think to wear footwear to avoid spreading it.  This is the reason why breathable footwear and proven antifungal socks are essential if you want to avoid infecting other toenails.

Also, to help with the removing of the fungi, you should wear proper-fitting shoes, and socks that can remove the sweat from your feet. Remember that fungi love warm, damp places.  The more that they are in ‘sweaty environments,’ the higher the chances of the fungus spreading.

The faster you treat it, the less chance it will have to spread. In many cases, when treated swiftly and the correct preventative steps followed, it won’t spread at all. And there’s nothing to stop you from treating your healthy nails (on both feet) the Purely Northwest Toenail Fungus System so that that further infection/reinfection can’t happen.