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Can Black Socks Cause Toenail Fungus?

When you see a black spot under your toenail, you may assume that it’s due to wearing black socks. Sometimes material gets trapped inside the nail – it happens. But after you wash your feet, and your nail still has markings or discoloration, it likely means that you have toenail fungus or an injury.  Can black socks cause toenail fungus? No, but dirty or unwashed black socks can cause fungus.

A fungus grows rapidly in warm, moist, and dark conditions. When you work on your feet all day, your socks provide an ideal breeding ground.  Unfortunately, once toenail fungus starts to grow, if you don’t start to treat it as soon as you notice it, it will only get worse quickly.

People have to wear uniforms or dress professionally in their line of work. Many times, they have to wear black socks. It’s not uncommon for the fungus to be mistaken for socks rubbing color on the toenail. But, it is not that common as the dye of the fabric is usually color-fast. Your socks are treated so that they don’t bleed, or lose color before they are shipped out to stores.

The initial signs of toenail fungus are often mistaken for other toenail conditions/injuries. Your feet may sweat a lot, and you may think that the dye from your sock is causing black dots on the toenail, but is it on all of your nails? This is one of the best ways of determining whether your nail has been discolored by a black dye or infected by a type of toenail fungus.

Problems Caused by Wearing Dark Sock Colors

The problem with wearing black socks is that you can’t see dirt and moisture as easily. The material is often quite thin, especially the ones that are designed for work, so socks can get holes in the toe area.

Here are 2 reasons why dark-colored socks are a problem:

  • You change your socks less often, and this makes the problem worse.
  • You can’t see dirt, bacteria, and grime that hasn’t been removed.

Can Black Socks Cause Toenail Fungus?

You’ve noticed spots under your toenails. If your nail is starting to become discolored, you probably have toenail fungus and should treat it as such. You’re probably wondering if it’ll cause a problem if your diagnosis isn’t accurate. Will it?

  • If you’re wrong, there’s no harm done. The coloring will wash off your nails.
  • If you’re right, it’ll be easier to clear up fungus because you’ve caught it early on.

The fungus gets into the skin, underneath your nail, called the nail bed. As the fungus grows, it gets into the nail and wreaks havoc. It attaches itself to any non-acidic surface/material/skin that it touches. This is usually your socks and shoes, but it also gets into towels, nail clippers, and floor mats.

It can easily spread to other members of your household, so you should spray the shower floor (or tub) with a disinfectant spray. Also, make sure that no one uses your towel(s), or anything that comes into contact with your feet. Make sure that you use your own electric pedicure kit.

Black Socks and Toenail Fungus

It is important to use a treatment for toenail fungus as soon as you notice the signs. There are many different types of treatments available over the counter, so it’s not always necessary to see a doctor. Prescriptions medications have some undesirable side effects.

When you wear socks a lot, your feet are likely to sweat. When they do, the fungus grows inside your socks/shoes. Some socks are able to take the moisture off your feet, even in shoes. There are also socks that are lined with copper or silver, which helps to fight off bacteria.

Can Black Socks Cause Toenail Fungus

How to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus

If you go to the store, many products claim to be able to treat toenail fungus. While some do work, most don’t have the necessary active ingredients to kill the fungus that’s harming your nails/skin. Other times, people fail to apply the cream/gel correctly or for long enough.

  • Pro Tip: A good treatment is the Omiera Labs nail fungus treatment. The main ingredient is Podiazole. It doesn’t cause side effects, and it is often recommended by podiatrists.

Many people don’t realize that the fungus is still alive in the fabric of your shoes. You can try spraying your shoes with an antifungal spray, but it can be hard to get to the toes of your shoes, where the fungus is concentrated.

The good news is that you can remove fungus from the toe end of your boots, sneakers, and shoes with the stinkBOSS. This device not only kills the fungus, but it also kills other bacteria that are in your shoes.

Anyone can get toenail fungus from wearing dirty and sweaty socks. In answer to your question, ‘can black socks cause toenail fungus?’, the answer is no, they do not cause toenail fungus.  You also can get rid of the fungus with Omiera Labs nail fungus treatment.