Could a Black Spot under the Toenail be Fungus?

Is a black spot under the toenail a sign of toenail fungus, or is it something else?

It could be a build-up of blood caused by injury. Perhaps you banged your foot without realizing that you’d done some damage? But, most likely, it’s a fungal toenail infection. And it’s often the case that banging the nail caused the infection because it creates a small opening for the fungus to enter your body.

Nail fungus is highly contagious. It thrives in warm, dark, and humid places. It is often contracted when you use public facilities (pools, changing rooms, and nail salons). Of course, some people are more prone to getting a fungal toenail infection than others. Perhaps your immune system is weak? If that’s the case, taking probiotics on a daily basis can really help to give your health a much-needed boost.

When the fungi appears, it’s often mistaken for an injured nail. If you haven’t bumped into something, then you should start to treat it as a fungus. There are some treatments that help with getting rid of toenail fungus permanently.

In this article, we’ll help you to determine what this ‘black spot’ really means for the health of your feet/nails. We’ll help you to distinguish toenail fungus from an injury. We’ll then look at some of the best ways to treat black toenail fungus at home.

What Does a Small Black Spot under the Toenail Mean?

Sometimes nail fungus can appear as a small black spot under the nail. Many people just ignore this, hoping that it will go away on its own. If it’s just the result of a bump or bruise, that will probably happen. But a blood bruising under a nail usually causes pain. Did your nail hurt straight away?

Black Spot under the ToenailIf and when the spot starts to become bigger, it is probably fungi growing. You can make an appointment to see a doctor or podiatrist because they will be able to tell the difference. They may tell you to get an over-the-counter toenail fungus treatment, or they may prescribe something.

They usually don’t like to prescribe medicines for nail fungus, because they can sometimes do more harm than good. They potentially have bad side effects, which is why OTC products are preferred, especially when the condition is mild.

Best Treatment for Black Toenail Fungus

The good news is that there are many over-the-counter treatments that you can use to get rid of the fungus. There are topical ointments and foot soaks that you can use.

The priority is to treat the fungus before it gets any worse. When your toenail is already black, it usually means that the fungus has started to ‘eat’ through your nail. Fungi will destroy the nail as it grows.

If left untreated, you nail will start to develop a bad smell, it will become brittle and eventually fall off. But you can prevent this from happening.

Tea Tree Oil

This is a potent essential oil that has been used for hundreds of years because of its natural healing properties. Many anti-fungal treatments are starting to add tea tree oil because it works so well.

Native to Australia, from the Melaleuca tree, it contains healing properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antibiotic. All of these work together to kill any fungus, especially toenail fungus. The most effective type is Apothecary tea tree oil, and it’s definitely worth using higher-grade ingredients.

Because of its strength, it is advised that you dilute it with another essential oil, such as coconut or olive oil. These oils will dilute the potency, but will not take away any of the medicinal properties. They will actually add more medicinal properties. If you dilute it with water, the tea tree oil will still work, but it will take a lot longer. Just paint some onto your nails and skin a few times a day for the best results.

Pedinol Pharmacal Fungla Tincture

Fungla Tincture is a strong treatment for toenail fungus, especially black fungi. It has been used effectively by podiatrists for many years. You won’t be surprised to hear that the majority of Amazon customers have awarded it a 5-star rating.

It contains an ingredient called Miconazole Nitrate, which is a medicine that doctors prescribe for fungal infections. Fungla Tincture contains 2% of the ingredient and is very effective at killing the infection, and the fungus in the shortest amount of time.

Read more about Pedinol Pharmacal Fungla Tincture in this review.

Home Remedies for Black under Toenail

There are also things that you can use that you already have at home, that will effectively kill toenail fungus. A fungus usually spreads to the skin around the nail and in the nailbed, so these treatments are usually foot soaks.

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak

Apple cider vinegar works very well to kill toenail fungus.  It is naturally acidic, and fungi hate acid. The suggested dilution for using apple cider vinegar as a foot soak is to add one part of the vinegar to two parts of warm water.

You should soak your foot (or feet) in this solution for about twenty minutes a day. You won’t see results for a while, but it can work.

Soak Your Toenails in Bleach

Some people do use bleach for toenail fungus, especially if it’s black. If you decide to go this route, use a little bit of bleach with a lot of warm water. Only soak your infected toe in it, instead of your whole foot.

People with sensitive skin shouldn’t use this as a treatment because it can easily lead to burning. But some people have had success with it, and have recommended it to others to use as a home treatment for toenail fungus.

Nail fungus, if left untreated, can actually lead to the loss of the nail. What starts out as a small discoloration can quickly turn into something more severe.  The nail will start to thicken, as the fungi start to kill the nail itself.  The thickening layers will start to crumble, and the nail may break.

There is also a chance of it spreading, so try to keep your feet as dry as possible at all times. After using a treatment or foot soak, remember to thoroughly dry your toe(s).

There are many ways to treat toenail fungus. Some ways work faster than others and keep in mind the sensitivity of your skin. Make sure that you check the ingredients of the product.  You don’t have to have a black spot under the toenail. You can have healthy nails again if you start using Pedinol Pharmacal Fungoid Tincture.