Socks & Sweaty Feet

What Are the Best Antifungal Socks?

Fungal infections are a common occurrence. And anyone that has had athlete’s foot or toenail fungus knows that they are difficult conditions to overcome.

You can pick them up from the floor of public spaces such as swimming pools, locker rooms, public showers, and changing rooms of retail outlets when you’re barefoot. Because fungal infections are transferable from skin to skin, you can also get them from members of your family at home.

Health experts recommend that you always wear socks with shoes to soak up some of the perspiration released from your feet. And with 250,000 sweat glands, the feet release a lot a fluid – on average, around half a pint a day. This increases during rigorous exercise and hot weather.

Shoes, and by association, feet, are a breeding ground for fungus. Although wearing regular socks helps a little, experts say that wearing the ‘right’ kind of socks assists with the problem far more efficiently than just wearing standard cotton or nylon socks.

What Are the Best Socks for Athlete’s Foot?

The best way to prevent foot fungus is to wear quality moisture-wicking anti-fungal socks. In recent years, advancements in science and fiber engineering have enabled manufacturers to develop materials that are specifically designed to keep fungus away from the feet and toenails.

In this guide, we will take a look at the types of socks that are available and explain, in some technical detail, why they’re so effective.

Copper Sole Men’s Pro Therapy for Men

The best anti-fungal socks use natural materials that combine with minerals that are naturally found in the body. When scientists discovered copper ions kill bacteria and nourish skin, fashion designers began impregnating materials with the revitalizing metal.

  • Copper is an essential mineral for humans. When metal ions are embedded in yarn, they kill 99.9% of fungus, stimulating cell growth, and managing sweaty odors that are synonymous with feet.

One of the leading manufacturers of copper ion socks is Copper Sole. Their Pro Therapy ankle socks are made from Cupron and infused with copper oxide to promote skin renewal and revitalize cells by stimulating the production of collagen and other vital proteins that provide skin stability.

What Are the Materials?

Made from 47% copper, 40% Polyester, 12% Nylon, and 1% Spandex, the Pro Therapy range combines natural materials to create an environment that cushions the sole of the foot and provides durability for long-lasting wear.

Also, the socks are sewn with Cupron anti-fungal fibers, a patented non-toxic antimicrobial and anti-fungal technology that eliminates fungal spores. The advanced sock fibers help to prevent fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, manage stale odors and improve the appearance and feel of your feet.

Do They Work?

Cupron is also known to reduce discomfort and irritation caused by dry skin. Live Science Magazine reported that anti-fungal socks made from Cupron-fibers might have helped heal the fungal conditions developed by the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground after the mine they were working in collapsed in 2010.

The miners were underground in humid conditions for 69 days without a change of clothes. They developed a series of skin complaints including athlete’s foot, dry skin on the soles of their feet, blisters and toenail fungus.

Copper Sole Men's Pro Therapy Cupron Crew Socks Review

The Journal Archives of Dermatology reported that the miners were treated with anti-fungal creams, but the treatments were ineffective. However, after wearing socks made with Cupron fibers, they observed a significant improvement in their foot complaints, some of which were resolved within a week of wearing socks that prevent fungus.

The process of transforming clothes into garments that can fight germs and protect skin also allows copper ions and other metal to blend with fabrics at a molecular level, meaning the copper ions last the lifetime of the garment.

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Silver ion Cloudline 1/4 Top Running Socks

Although copper was the first metal to revolutionize footwear, it is not the only metal used in socks. Together with copper ion, silver harvests an antimicrobial agent that can be blended with fibers to help kill fungi.

Whereas copper occurs naturally in the skin and is, therefore, a non-toxic agent, silver can be toxic so has to be treated carefully before it can be used as anti-bacterial treatment. But those talented scientists have found a way.

  • When silver ions are mixed with the plant protein polymer lignin, it creates a biodegradable synthesis which becomes antimicrobial by nature. The new nanoparticles are then coated with polyelectrolytes to kill the pathogens in bacteria. After the pathogens have consumed the lignin, the silver ions manifest in bacterial membranes which dissolve without any toxic effect.

Review of Silver ion Cloudline 1/4 Top Running Socks

The silver compound is an ideal solution to infuse in running socks that would ordinarily be a breeding ground for athlete’s foot. Although this common skin complaint is not severe, it is very irritating and can be difficult to cure. If you’re already infected by ringworm of the feet, here are some of the top treatments for athlete’s foot.

Do the Materials Help with Sweaty Feet?

Ordinarily, synthetic fabrics like merino wool, polyester, Coolmax, olefin, and drymax work best for preventing athlete’s foot. While these fabrics are typically used to manufacture sports clothing, anti-fungal socks also include silver ion technology which is proven to be one of the best compounds for protecting feet from athlete’s foot.

Made from a blend of fabrics that includes 34% polyester, 34% cotton, 8% nylon, 8% lycra spandex and 16% lycra elastic, these gym socks are a natural deterrent that pulls moisture away from the body and allows sweat to evaporate keeping the skin fresh, dry, and comfortable.

Ideal for Running, Sports, and Exercise

If you enjoy short, intense sprints or long distance runs that strain the sweat glands, you need a pair of socks that absorb perspiration. Running socks also have built-in ventilation panels which reduce heat and kill fungus together with extra cushioned soles that make them suitable for most weather conditions and ease stress on the foot.

The anti-odor no-show running socks are manufactured with silver ion technology that helps to regulate temperature, keep feet dry and prevent a build-up of odor. Ultra-wicking fibers accelerate evaporation. Combined with a mesh ventilation system to maximize airflow and promote dry feet, that feel better for the duration of your exercise routine or gym workout.

A further advantage is the built-in cushioned soles that have critical strike zones to provide added comfort and prevent your feet from sores like blisters and chafing. The unique arch support system also helps to reduce foot fatigue and enhance performance by delivering stability even on the toughest terrain.

Not only that, Cloudline are so confident you will be 100% satisfied with their product, they offer a satisfaction guarantee. Athletes that are not convinced the dry-fit exercise socks deliver on their promise, you can ask for a refund.

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What Are the Best Socks for Toenail Fungus?

Feet can attract various types of fungus that result in irritable, dry skin and smelly feet. Toenail fungus is known as tinea unguium and is common in people that suffer from problems with blood circulation, diabetes and other issues related to immune deficiency.

Toenail fungus can be difficult to treat and if it is not taken care of can spread to other parts of the foot. While doctors recommend changing your socks every day, wearing anti-fungal socks is a far more effective way to prevent toenail fungus.

  • Most types of socks absorb moisture. For example, natural fibers such as cotton are relatively effective when absorbing moisture. However, cotton cannot cope with the amount of perspiration your feet will typically sweat in a day. The moisture becomes trapped in the material which makes you socks damp and uncomfortable. When you’re playing sports, cotton socks will also affect your grip and impact on your performance. Furthermore, the heat and moisture provide fungus with a perfect breeding ground in which to thrive.

What Are Good Fabrics for Socks?

The best fabrics to prevent toenail fungus are synthetic materials such as polyester or acrylic. Subsequently, it is common for manufacturers to blend cotton with synthetic materials. A typical blend is 80% and 20% synthetic material.

However, for people that suffer from naturally sweaty feet or perform vigorous training exercises that promote more sweat, even regular socks blended with a small percentage of synthetic material are not effective in fighting infections like toenail fungus.

  • Copper Fit resolve this common problem with their copper infused no-show socks made from 100% polyester. The synthetic material is designed to “wick” moisture away from the foot while the mesh ventilation system helps to keep your feet cool by allowing them to breathe.

Ventilation zones help to keep the feet cool and dry, even for the most demanding of performers. Anti-fungal socks typically have an array of advanced designs that include mesh panels and fast-drying fabrics to keep feet free from moisture.

The Copper Fit socks also feature a dynamic arch compression which helps to absorb shock on the ball and heel in rough terrain. With reinforced heel and toe tabs to provide runners with more stability and prevent slipping, these anti-fungal socks also help you to stay blister-free.

What Are the Best Antifungal Socks?

Boody Organic Bamboo EcoWear Socks for Women

While many socks are unisex, there are also ankle socks, pop socks, knee-length socks, yoga and pilates socks that are for women.

  • Bamboo socks are the softest material and a conventional fabric used for manufacturing women’s footwear. Although women’s anti-fungal socks are by no means limited to bamboo, the material is typically more comfortable than other fabrics and better suited to people with sensitive skin. They are also geared towards people with diabetes for the same reason.

Furthermore, bamboo fibers contain the anti-bacterial bio-agent “bamboo kun” which in its natural habitat repels pests, insects, and other irritants without having to use pesticides. This natural property benefits sock manufacturers as it helps to fight germs and fungus that stave away irritating conditions such as toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

What Are the Benefits?

  1. Because bamboo socks do not contain any chemicals or other naturally occurring toxins that could potentially irritate sensitive skin, it is an ideal fabric for modern clothes. They are also suitable for people that are usually intolerant of allergies.
  2. Another natural quality of the bamboo fabric is they regulate heat which helps to keep your feet dry regardless of climate conditions. Bamboo socks are therefore all-weather socks that can be worn all year round.
  3. They are particularly helpful for circulating blood so are ideal for pregnant women or women with swollen ankles, tightness or low blood pressure. The composition of bamboo socks is useful for treating sensitive areas of the foot.
  4. Also, bamboo is naturally porous so doesn’t harbor odors that create bad smells on your socks and feet. Even in socks that are made from other yarns, the antimicrobial composition of bamboo repels bacteria, and odor so keeps your feet feeling and smelling fresh.

There are many types of bamboo socks available for women, but one of our favorites is the Boody Organic Bamboo ankle sock. This is a heavy-duty, all-action sock for girls that put themselves through the paces.

Made with organically grown bamboo, the moisture-wicking properties are proven to keep your feet feeling 60% more comfortable and dry than cotton socks. Not only that, the design includes reinforced cushioning in the soles, heels and toes act as shock absorbers and make these socks ideal for rock-climbing, rambling and sprinting.

The socks are woven with 91% Rayon made from bamboo to regulate heat, 7% polyester to absorb moisture and 2% spandex which helps make them more breathable. Women that are looking for quality clothing made from organic materials and that provide extreme comfort, bamboo socks are your best choice.

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Swiftwick Tall Crew Socks

The best anti-fungal socks allow your feet to breathe. Keeping your feet and toes dry is crucial when combating fungal infections. While copper, silver, and titanium socks are ideal for curing athlete’s foot and wearing for strenuous activities, the best material for day-to-day footwear is merino wool.

If you wear leather shoes for extended periods throughout the day, your feet will feel stuffy and sweaty. Shoes promote heat which makes your feet sweat. The most likely cause of your sweaty feet is the socks that you wear.

When you wear shoes, you should wear socks to absorb moisture. Otherwise, you are creating an environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive.

Review of Swiftwick Tall Crew Socks for Men

While regular socks can hold moisture, most fabrics found in general everyday socks cannot cope with the amount of sweat secreted.

Why Should I Wear Merino Wool Socks?

  • Merino wool is more absorbent. Regardless of the weather, merino wool insulates heat so keeps your feet warm and toasty when it’s cold and dry when it’s hot. This naturally grown super fabric absorbs up to 30% more moisture than its weight without feeling wet.

As a dress sock, merino wool is the ideal yarn because it can be dyed to suit a wide range of colors and patterns, and also contains properties that aid fresh feet for long periods. Soft and light, merino wool is not only comfortable for wearing over long periods, but it also harbors natural antimicrobial properties that tackle bad smelling odors.

Although health practitioners recommend changing your socks daily to avoid the risk of foot fungus, the same is not true for merino wool. These socks have been dubbed as an ideal travel companion because you can wear them for several consecutive days without having to wash them – and they will still protect your feet. Furthermore, they take up less room in your suitcase than a dozen pairs of regular socks.

Anti-fungal socks made from merino wool are a popular choice for everyday wear, and there are many available. The Swiftwick tall crew socks are a favorite because they are ideal for all-year-round weather conditions and can be pulled up over your shins when the weather is really cold.

What Other Materials Are Used?

The blend includes 58% merino wool, 34% nylon and 8% spandex which gives the socks a fully-rounded performance. Merino wool wicks moisture away from your feet, while the synthetic materials make the socks breathable and help to keep your feet fresh and cozy.

The design also features a wide welt to hold the socks in place and prevent them from bunching, together with Y-shaped stitching on the contour of the heel which moves with the foot.

If you wear leather shoes or sneakers for long periods and suffer from sweaty feet or fungal infections on your feet, invest in a pair of merino wool socks. We guarantee you will notice a massive difference.

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Who Should Wear Anti-Fungal Socks?

There is a case to say that everybody should wear anti-fungal socks at some point. As we have discussed throughout this guide, the people that most benefit from wearing anti-fungal socks is anybody suffering from a pre-existing foot complaint such as athlete’s foot or yellow toenail fungus.

People that are active in sports will also benefit from wearing anti-fungal socks to help prevent contracting foot fungus and to maintain your performance. Anybody that suffers from sweaty feet would be wise to invest in anti-fungal footwear because of their odor-killing properties.

There are also certain types of people that suffer from other ailments which would reap a lot of benefits from anti-fungal socks.

  • Because the types of materials used to manufacture anti-fungal socks have natural properties that regulate body heat and aid blood circulation, anybody with a weak immune system would benefit from wearing specially formulated socks daily.

This includes people that have diabetes, low blood pressure, old people, pregnant women, and HIV/Aids. When your body’s natural defense system is incapable of fighting off fungal infections, the problems can get worse and lead to a worsened skin complaint.

There are also many types of professionals that would benefit from anti-fungal socks. If you wear shoes or sneakers for an extended period of time, your feet cannot breathe and are more at risk of developing fungal infections; office workers, builders, miners, policeman, soldiers, and sailors all fall into this category.

Can Anti-Fungal Socks Remove Fungus and Bacteria?

Although anti-fungal socks can prevent fungus from manifesting, socks will not treat a pre-existing condition on their own. If you are suffering from a fungal infection, use the Purely Northwest System and wear anti-fungal socks to help the formula work more effectively.

Wearing regular socks can hinder the performance of anti-fungal creams thus slow down the healing process. When you wear socks that are specially formulated with fibers that contain natural properties for fighting fungus, you not only help to kill the fungus, you also prevent it from growing back.