What Are the Best Antifungal Socks?

If you’ve had or know a bit about toenail fungus, you’ll be aware that it takes quite a while to remove it. When you wear regular black socks, your feet may sweat a lot, and the socks won’t do anything to take the moisture away, thus keeping your feet warm, damp, and dark. These are the perfect conditions for fungus to grow. The best antifungal socks allow your feet to breathe, and they can stop fungus from growing.

You may not have heard of specialist socks for fungal toes. There aren’t many, but they do make them. They are good to wear when you want to avoid or are treating toenail fungus. If you have treated the fungus and it has gone, they will help prevent new fungus from growing.

Keeping your toes and toenails dry is the most important part of fighting nail fungus and keeping it away. When you work on your feet all day, though, this can be hard to do. Copper socks for athlete’s foot or nail fungus wick away the sweat from your feet. This means that the material in the sock absorbs the moisture and allows it to evaporate.

In this article, we will talk more about the best antifungal socks. We will tell you which one that we think is the best for removing fungus and where they’re available at the lowest price.

How Do the Best AntiFungal Socks Work?

They are infused with copper, a natural fungus-fighting mineral. When you hear that word, you may think of copper tubing or pipes, but there is actually copper in your body. It is a mineral, and it is a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent.

Vitalsox Performance Crew Socks

There are socks called Vitalsox Performance Bacteria & Fungal Resistant Crew Socks. You can read our review by clicking the link, but we will tell you a little about them here. Of the three different socks listed here, we feel that these are the best choice.

They are made with a blend of fabric, some of which is infused with silver. Silver is a bacteria-resistant mineral, and it helps to stop bacteria or fungus from growing.

What Are the Best Antifungal Socks?

Even in used shoes, when your feet are sweaty, these socks keep the moisture away from your feet, especially your toes, so fungus and bacteria have less chance to grow.

They are very soft and comfortable. Out of the three reviewed, we have found that these feel most like regular socks. If you prefer to wear thinner socks, take a look at theses options:

Copper Sole Men’s Pro Therapy Socks

The Copper Sole Men’s Pro Therapy Cupron Crew Socks are also antifungal. We listed these second only because they are thin socks, more like dress socks. Some people don’t like the feel of thin socks, but others really like it.

These socks, however are EPA registered. They use Cupron antifungal fibers. After your wear them for 12 hours, they start to kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungus. They also kill the bacteria that cause stinky feet.

Right Fit Men’s Socks

The Right Fit Men’s Anti-Fungal Crew Socks are designed for athletes. They are only available in men’s sizes.

These are highly absorbent and keep the sweat off of your feet, but they don’t have the ability to allow the moisture to evaporate. They are not too tight, but they are snug. You won’t have to worry about them falling down.

They are able to help you fight fungus from growing, or returning, because they keep the sweat off of your toes.

Who Should Wear AntiFungal Socks?

There are certain groups of people who are at a higher risk of contracting toenail fungus. These people have a very low immune system and have to be careful. They include diabetics, older people, people that have HIV/Aids, and others that don’t have proper circulation going to their feet. You’ll also be more prone to fungus if you are into athletics, play a lot of sports, or wear footwear for an extended period of time.

When your body isn’t capable of fighting off infections, the problem can get bad. This is also the case with toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. If you take the proper precautions, though, you can avoid getting it.

Copper Sole Men's Pro Therapy Cupron Crew Socks Review

You already know, of course, that you should wear flip-flops or sandals at places like public swimming pools, nail salons, gym locker rooms or showers, or any public place that is damp. Because fungus spreads quickly, it is easy to get it.

Besides that, if someone else in your household has it, it can easily be spread to you. That’s why antifungal and antibacterial socks for women or men are a good thing to wear. They can help to ward off getting the fungus and they can also ward off any other bacteria that can cause any sort of infection on your feet.

Do They Help to Get Rid of Fungus?

Antifungal men’s socks can stop fungus from forming, but you can’t just wear these and think that they will treat toenail fungus if you already have it.

If you are using a treatment for the fungus, then these socks can help the treatment work faster and more effectively. When you wear regular socks, the fungal treatment will be hindered when your feet sweat. This allows fungus to form and it will make the treatment work harder.

When you wear socks that are infused with a fungus fighting mineral, you will be helping to not only kill the fungus, but to keep it away. If you don’t have toenail fungus, then these will help to keep it from growing.

Keeping Fungus Out of Your Shoes

There are sprays and powders that are able to get rid of the fungus inside of the shoes. However, it’s hard to get these products to reach the toe area, where it is most needed.

The StinkBOSS will disinfect your entire shoe. It works for all shoe sizes and types, and also completely deodorizes them. If you click on the link, you can read our in-depth review. Find out how to get rid of any fungus or bacteria that has accumulated in your shoes.

The best antifungal socks can help you to avoid getting toenail fungus or other bacteria on your feet. They will not, however, completely prevent it from happening.  But the agents used in these socks do work, especially when you care for your feet properly.