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What Are the 10 Best Arch Support Insoles for Flat Feet?

Having the condition of flat feet, also known as pes planus, affects millions of people. Many times, it occurs from childhood. Most people don’t have a problem with it and don’t experience any pain. However, for some people walking and standing can quickly become uncomfortable. This is due to an overall lack of support. Thankfully, we have found some of the best arch support insoles for flat feet.

Arch supports are important for multiple reasons. Ultimately, they are designed to provide comfort and relief. However, they can also decrease the chance of overpronation. This is when the weight of your body is transferred unevenly throughout the foot. It causes the foot to ‘roll in’ too far, or overpronate.

There is no real treatment for flat feet. Whether you grew into them as a child or have developed them later in life, there isn’t much to be done to change the structure of your foot. However, if ignored flat feet can lead to things like inflammation.

Flat feet can also cause problems in your ankles and knees. This is because they may alter the overall alignment of your legs. They can be especially problematic for those who are more active, or on their feet for longer periods of time.

This guide will focus on the ten best arch support insoles for people with flat feet. Whether you’re an avid runner or just someone who stands on their feet all day due to work, it’s important to feel a bit of extra comfort and support.

While you can sometimes find a cure flat feet, we’ll cover the benefits of arch support. If you’ve never considered it before, you’re bound to notice a significant difference. The best shoe inserts for flat feet can be different for everyone depending on your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Insoles for Arches?

You should consider the arch of your foot to be a structural support. When it’s flat, that structure doesn’t offer much support at all. Insoles help to balance this out and give your feet the structural soundness they need.

They can ‘build up’ your arches to a normal structural level. That may not sound like much, but if you have flat feet, it can make a world of difference. Even walking will be noticeably different and more comfortable.

Additional benefits of insoles include:

  • Preventing pain: Not only can arch supports help to lessen the pain when you walk or stand, but they can also prevent it altogether if you use them proactively.
  • Providing support: The main job of arch support gel inserts is to provide support for your feet. Not only will it allow for more comfort, but it can also help to prevent further damage or foot issues.
  • Building a foundation: If you have flat feet, your shoes alone may not be able to provide a stable foundation. Even something like standing can become painful. Arch supports are similar to ‘building supports.’ They strengthen the foundation of your feet and your shoes. This allows for a sturdier stance and makes it more comfortable to walk. It can also make your feet look smaller.
  • Increasing balance: Aside from alleviating pain and discomfort, you may find you have better balance when using insoles. Pain will still be reduced because of this, but it can also help to improve your posture.

It’s easy to ignore our feet until they start to cause any discomfort. Realistically, though, we tend to take our feet for granted. Every step we take absorbs massive amounts of pressure. If your arches aren’t able to support or handle that kind of pressure, it can lead to a lot of problems.

Again, millions of people deal with flat feet. Thankfully, with the right gel support insoles, they don’t have to be a debilitating problem. Whether you’re an athlete, you’re on your feet all day, or you just need them for casual purposes, arch support insoles can make a big difference in the amount of comfort you feel each day.

Top 10 Arch Support Insoles for Flat Feet

Now that you know how arch support insoles can benefit you let’s take a closer look at some of the best shoe inserts for flat feet.

  1. Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles

Superfeet is a trusted brand in the world of gel insoles. One of their best products is the Green Heritage Insoles. Though these insoles come at a slightly higher price point than many competitors, they are well worth it to those suffering from flat feet, plantar fasciitis, etc.

One of the best things about the Superfeet insoles is that they are designed to fit in just about any shoe. They aren’t just for athletes or people who wear running shoes. They’ll fit in work boots, dress shoes, and more. They also work on different foot types, no matter the shape or size.

Superfeet Green Heritage Insoles Review

Some of the most notable key features include:

  • Easily to insert and remove
  • Long lasting power
  • Doesn’t flatten out over time

Though the material itself is relatively thin, most people don’t have a problem feeling adequate support and cushioning. The Green Heritage Insoles are designed for daily use. They are so comfortable, and you may want to invest in a few pairs for all your shoes!

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  1. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

If you’re a severe pronater, these are the insoles for you. The Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Insoles provide extra support and balance for people with different-shaped feet and shoes. These insoles provide extremely firm arch support. They have an angled exterior to keep your feet in line and to keep them from rotating inward.

Using a feature called Variable Cushioning Technology, these insoles are as comfortable as they are firm and supportive.

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Insoles Review

Some of the additional features are as follows:

  • Anti-microbial fabric to wick away moisture and avoid trapping heat
  • Works with both athletic and casual shoes
  • Easy to transfer from one shoe to another

Because these inserts are so good at guiding the shape of your feet, they can take a bit of getting used to for some people. The instep is a bit higher than many other insoles on the market. If you’ve never worn insoles before, you may have to ‘break them in’ to get used to them. Once you do, however, you’ll love the feel of this insole and how it can provide the arch support you might be missing.

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  1. Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Insoles

Another strong contender by Powerstep is the Pinnacle Premium Insoles. These insoles provide medical-grade support and are often promoted by foot specialists. Its claim to fame is a semi-rigid shell. It grasps onto the arch, providing extra support and stabilization to the feet. It also contains a deep heel cradle that protects the foot and absorbs shock extremely well.

With a double layer of foam, these insoles are also designed to keep moisture and heat away, so your feet won’t get sweaty when wearing them. The foam additionally helps with shock, too, especially if you’re doing a high-intensity activity.

Powerstep Pinnacle Premium Insoles Review

Let’s look at some of the other key features you can expect from these insoles:

  • They fit inside different types of shoes with no modification
  • Won’t flatten out easily or quickly
  • Retains its shape no matter the shape of your foot

Keep in mind that these insoles are specifically meant for people with flat feet. If you have a low or mid-range arch, you may not receive the same benefits. The support will not be the same.

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  1. Sof Sole Airr Full-Length Performance Gel Shoe Insole

The Sof Sole Airr Full-Length Performance Insoles work for both men and women with flat feet or low arches. As you might expect thanks to the name, the gel support provides superior comfort and extra cushioning.

These insoles also feature Skydex air bubbles in the heel. These bubbles help to provide maximum shock absorption, so these are great insoles for those who are extremely active, including athletes. They are considered to be slightly thicker than many other insoles so that they can take some getting used to. However, that thickness does provide additional cushioning and comfort.

Sof Sole Gel Shoe Insole Review

Other key features to keep in mind include:

  • Extra stability, even for people with completely flat feet
  • Promotes air circulation to minimize sweating
  • Can be used in different shoe types

You don’t have to be an athlete to make the most out of these insoles. They work well for anyone. If you stand on your feet all day and your flat feet are continuously a problem, the extra shock absorption can be a big help in adding comfort.

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  1. Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles

Superfeet makes another appearance on this list with their Blue Premium Insoles. These insoles aren’t only meant to provide comfort, but to support the foot as well. The best part? They are meant for almost any activity level. Whether you’re simply standing a lot, or you’re an avid athlete, you’ll experience the same level of comfort.

They are a bit lighter and thinner than many other insole models. For some people, that can be a ‘downside.’ However, it can be a benefit to those who are very active and need something that is both lightweight and durable that still provides support.

Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles Review

Some additional features include:

  • Bacteria-resistant material
  • Sweat-resistant material
  • Extremely durable and built to last

These insoles fit almost any type of footwear, including shoes that may not have a lot of extra wiggle room. They are great for casual, everyday use as well as more ‘extreme’ circumstances, like running or other athletics.

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  1. SOLE Signature DK Response Footbeds

The SOLE Signature DK Response Footbeds is great for people who have flat feet. It also can provide comfort for those dealing with things like calluses or bunions, thanks to its incredible cushioning power.

These insoles are designed with runners in mind, but they can work for just about anyone. If you are an athlete or an avid runner, these are some of the best inserts you’ll find. Because of their extra support and cushioning, you won’t have to worry about a variety of different foot conditions.

These signature models also contain a few key features, including:

  • Heat-moldable technology for a ‘customized’ fit
  • Antibacterial top sheet to prevent infections and wick away moisture
  • Entire foot stabilizing power
  • Promotes correct foot movements

The insoles themselves are very lightweight, at just 1.6mm. However, they are extremely durable. Their durability and portability allow them to work as great shock absorbers for even the most extreme physical activities. Even long-distance runners can use these insoles and find comfort and relief from flat feet.

One of the best additional features is that they dry extremely quickly. If you’re very active and your feet tend to sweat, it’s important to keep moisture at bay as much as possible. These insoles help to wick away moisture while you’re wearing them, but they will also dry out in a short amount of time. That makes it easier to wear them every day and not feel worried about bacteria or fungal growth.

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  1. Samurai Insoles Orthotics for Flat Feet

Whether you have heel pain, plantar fasciitis, low arches, or overpronation, these Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles can help. Unlike many other insoles, you don’t have to worry about the fit. There is no cutting or trimming involved to fit the insoles perfectly to your feet because they come in different sizes.

They aren’t hard and rigid like many other inserts, but they still provide an incredible amount of support and comfort. They work for the entire foot, including the length and across the arch. Not only does this boost the support level, but it helps to reduce shock impact.

Other notable features include:

  • Promotes correct posture
  • Can treat and prevent injuries and certain foot conditions
  • Helps to reduce fatigue from standing all day

While many popular inserts are meant for sneakers and running shoes, these are specifically designed for work boots and shoes. They can be used by athletes. However, those who need them for everyday wear or on the job can feel comfortable knowing there is an insole made for their needs. Because you don’t have to ‘guess’ on the sizing, you can choose the perfect fit for your needs.

If being on your feet all day has caused certain conditions, or your flat feet make it uncomfortable to stand, these are great everyday insoles that won’t lose stability or support with continued wear.

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  1. New Balance Arch Stability 3720

New Balance is more than just a popular, trusted brand in footwear. Their Arch Stability 3720 insoles can make wearing almost any pair of shoes more comfortable and more supportive. Like most of New Balance’s sneakers, these insoles are designed with athletes in mind but can be used by anyone. They provide both heel and arch enhancement support. No matter where you experience discomfort, they’ve got you covered.

The heel cup is exceptionally deep. This allows the heel of your foot to be perfectly balanced with the rest. It also increases your stability, which can be extremely beneficial for runners and athletes.

Additional features include:

  • Can be used in almost any type of shoe, not just sneakers
  • Made from anti-blister material that promotes ventilation
  • Flexible and durable so that it won’t change the shape or integrity of your shoes

Whether you’re an athlete or just someone on their feet all day, you can get the same level of support. With these insoles, you can feel secure and stable while keeping your shoes flexible and comfortable. They are a bit pricier than some other models. However, from a trusted name like New Balance, you can expect extreme quality. These insoles are meant to withstand the test of time. They can also easily be inserted and removed from different pairs of shoes as needed. So, one set of insoles can work for you in multiple shoes.

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  1. Orthaheel Full-Length Orthotics

These orthotic insoles were designed by podiatrists to provide the right amount of support for people with low arches. Not only do they provide comfort, but they can also help with conditions like overpronation, plantar fasciitis, and more. They focus on being both trendy and impactful, providing the best of both worlds for people who need everyday support.

One of the most notable features about these inserts is how flexible they are. You’ll notice even before you put them into your shoes how easy they are to bend. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a strong and stable structure. This flexibility will work with your foot to provide a more customized feeling of support. It also won’t make your shoes feel stiff or rigid, which is important for those who are active.

Some additional features include:

  • Relieves pressure that can lead to hip and knee pain
  • Extra support system on the heel
  • Fairly priced in comparison to many competitors
  • Extreme flexibility ensures comfort for every foot shape

No matter what type of uncomfortable state your feet may be in, these insoles can help. Their design was meant to provide comfort and treat foot problems. However, they have also transcended into the world of trendy foot accessories. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and safety to be on trend with the latest in foot accessories. These inserts prove just that.

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  1. Superfeet CARBON Insoles

Superfeet CARBON Insoles take all of the incredible benefits from many other Superfeet insoles and add even more extra features. They help to reduce pain caused by flat feet, but they also include a stabilizer cup that allows the heel to feel that same comfort while staying in place. This helps to reduce stress and pressure on the foot. That can be a big benefit for athletes or people who are on their feet all day.

The Superfeet CARBON Insoles also keep hygiene in mind, thanks to a built-in odor controlling system. If you’re an active individual, sweat can quickly build up in your shoes. The materials used in these insoles help to keep moisture at bay and prevent odors from sticking around.

Some other key features include:

  • Extreme durability thanks to synthetic materials
  • Great for use in multiple types of shoes
  • Heavy cushioning that makes it easy to stand for long periods of time

The one drawback to these insoles is that they can make a small noise at first while they are being ‘broken in.’ This shouldn’t last and isn’t noticeable for most people. While they provide the same incredible support as many other Superfeet insoles, you get the added benefit of extreme heel cushioning and odor control. If you’re someone with flat feet that is also very active, that can make a big difference.

Superfeet is a trusted brand when it comes to shoe inserts. It’s no coincidence that three of their products have made it onto this list. Choosing the one that most benefits your specific needs should be your focus. However, no matter which insole you choose, you can expect to find instant comfort and relief.

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What are good insoles for flat feet?

How to Choose the Right Insoles

We hope this guide has given you some insight into the best insoles for flat feet. Problems with your arches can create serious problems and discomfort so we recommend that you also perform exercises for fallen arches. Whether you’re extremely active or just on your feet a lot shouldn’t matter. You shouldn’t have to live with pain and the possibility of other foot conditions.

There are many great insoles on the market that can help to provide comfort and support. Depending on your needs, the ‘extras’ can steer you in the right direction toward your perfect pair of inserts. Whether you need moisture control, odor control, or extra heel cushioning, there is a product in this list that can be your perfect fit.

Pes planus or any other foot condition you have shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you love. The great thing about many of the insoles listed here is that they are interchangeable. You can use them to run a marathon, and then slip them into your work shoes the next day. That kind of versatility and durability make it easy to fight back against flat feet and the discomfort they can cause.