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10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant Product Review

10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant ReviewThe bacteria that goes along with toenail fungus doesn’t smell good.  This fungus can also be spread very fast, especially when different people wear the same pair of shoes.  This is why a disinfectant is so important.  The deodorant is just as important, especially for those that have smelly feet.

Of course, you probably already know that there are many different things such as sprays and powders that say that they can eliminate the odor.  While they may be able to mask it, a few can get to the real problem of the smell.  The only way to do that is to kill the bacteria that are living in the fibers of the shoe.

Powders are often hard to get into the toe of the shoe, as are many sprays.  This spray can get into the toe portion of your shoes and is easily able to kill the bacteria that is causing the funky smell.

Below, we will reveal how the product works, as well as the ingredients that make it work.  We will recommend some of the best ways to use this spray and answer commonly-asked questions.

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10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant Review

This shoe disinfectant is different than most.  It both disinfects, killing the bacteria that grow in your shoes, and also takes the smell out of it.  When you have toenail fungus, the fungus doesn’t just stay on your toe.  It also stays in your shoe, and the fungus and bacteria continue to live.

The perfect conditions for bacteria to grow are moist, warm, and dark places.  When you are working all day, and your feet start to sweat, the breeding conditions are prime.  This is why this disinfectant spray works better than some others.

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Powerful Disinfectant for Footwear

Gyms and hospitals also use this spray.  They use it because it works fast, and it greatly reduces the chance that any bacteria or other germs of spreading.

Safe for All Shoes

Not only do athletes have problems getting the smell out of their shoes, but they find that some products that they use cannot keep the odor out of them.

Kids’ Sports

When your son or daughter participates in sports, it usually results in terrible odors in shoes.  Even if you put them outside, the smell will still stay.  The bacteria that is causing the smell doesn’t come out unless you use a product that will kill it.

Adults’ Sports

Just like kids, adults engage in many different types of sports.  Anything from football to swimming to going to the gym, your feet can easily pick up the bacteria that causes odor.  Some people try to put them in the washing machine to get the smell out, but that just doesn’t work.

You do need a product like the 10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant, as it works fast, and it works well.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling alleys spray their rental shoes often, keeping bacteria from spreading from person to person.  Hundreds of people rent these shoes every day.  If they weren’t disinfected, all of those people would catch whatever bacteria or fungus and would transfer it to their own shoes.

Working Boots and Shoes

Many workers that have to wear steel-toed shoes or metatarsal shoes use this as well.  They say that they have tried other products, but this one works better than other sprays.

Restaurant servers also use this, as it is easy and fast.

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What Are the Ingredients?

To effectively eliminate both the bacteria and the smell in shoes, a product has to have ingredients that are powerful enough to keep both away.

The ingredients in the 10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant are

  • 2- Phenylphenol .20%
  • 4- tert-Amylphenol .05%
  • Ethanol 53%
  • Inert Ingredients 46.75%

Of course, with any product, there are things that people like, and also things that people don’t like about it.  Not everyone is the same, and the product may not work the same for everyone.  Here are some things that people are saying about it.

If you would rather use a product that contains no chemicals, then you might want to take a look at the StinkBOSS Shoe Deodorizer.  It uses Ozone to thoroughly kill any bacteria that is in your shoe, which, in turn, get rid of the smell.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages?


  • Works well to get rid of the smell and also the bacteria.
  • Has an odor that fades, and is not overpowering.
  • Safe to use on all shoes, including leather.
  • Can be used on both inside and outside of shoes.


  • Some people say that they don’t like the smell, even though it does fade.
  • Like other products, some people have said that it didn’t work for them.
  • Comes in a small can.
  • The ingredients are very strong, and although the warnings are listed on the can, they don’t want to use it, and they return it.
  • You may have to use it a few times to remove all of the bacteria. After that, you can use it more infrequently.

Reviews from Customers on Amazon

Many people buy products from Amazon, and they usually give their opinion.  Out of the number of reviews, Amazon keeps updating the rating that their customers are giving.

The 10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant is currently receiving excellent reviews.  People like the convenience, the ease of use, and how well it works.

When you have foot odor problems, especially when they are accompanied by toenail fungus, it can be very embarrassing.  Thankfully, there are easy ways to get rid of the smell.  You don’t have to try to hide your kids’ sports shoes anymore, nor your work shoes or boots.

As this works very fast, you will notice a difference quickly.  It will be nice for you to be able to take your shoes off after a long day’s work and not have to worry about any smell.

It is quick and easy to use and gets to places that some products just can’t reach.  All you need is a little bit so that the bottle will last a decent amount of time.  If you have just about given up trying to find something that works, give this a try.  You definitely won’t be disappointed.

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Our Verdict

Convenience:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Results:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Value:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Average:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)